Etta Candy offers her own perspective on the events of Wonder Woman

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Aug 26, 2017, 6:27 PM EDT

Etta Candy, Steve Trevor's secretary and the unsung hero of this summer's box-office smash Wonder Woman, has come to the internet to tell her own story. In the video (below), Etta reminisces about the events surrounding the arrival of Diana Prince in Man's World.

We finally get to see her opinions on their initial meeting and their adventures shopping for appropriate clothing. Etta seems to have a lot of respect for the Amazon warrior princess, though she admits that there are limits to her affections.

Etta didn't have a huge role in the film, serving mostly as comic relief during a few scenes in England, but she did prove herself a useful ally during what should have been a doomed mission.

There's no word yet on what -- if any -- role she will play in the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel, but there will be a brand-new Etta Candy-centric epilogue on the upcoming DVD release of Wonder Woman where we'll see her reassemble Diana's team.

In the comics, Candy is an integral part of Diana's inner circle and has been there since the beginning. She has fought alongside Wonder Woman in all her incarnations and even helped to form a group of women called the Holliday Girls (women who attended Holliday College and who went along on adventures with Etta and Diana).

Wonder Woman will be released on Digital and DVD on August 29.