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Eureka's Colin Ferguson teases his no more Mr. Nice Guy role on Haven

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Sep 20, 2013, 3:26 PM EDT (Updated)

Actor Colin Ferguson isn't the true-blue Sheriff Jack Carter anymore. Moving on from Syfy's Eureka, which was canceled last year, Ferguson has dug into a mysterious new role on Haven, and he might not be a nice guy at all, said the actor in an exclusive interview with Blastr.

“Who is William? He sort of comes in and is mysterious,” said Ferguson. “You're not sure if he's a good guy or a bad guy or a friend or a foe. That nugget is still unraveling as we're going through the season. What I like about it is it's still not completely clear. We're on episode 10 and you see where he's coming from, but for a while there you think he's horrible, and then all of a sudden it swings back and you go, 'Oh, I see.' I like that. There's a lot to play with that.”

We met William in Haven's season premiere last week, and he seemed to fall more on the good side, at least initially in trying to help Audrey, who thought she was a bartender named Lexi Dewitt.

“Even if he's a good guy, he's not the nicest of fellas. He doesn't go about things in a forward and direct and honest and transparent sort of way. So there's definitely that. He's not afraid. I guess, in a sense, for Jack Carter, the means were just as important as the end. Sometimes how you went about it is just as important as what got done. Whereas this guy is 'the ends justify the means,' full stop. Doesn't matter what you do. As long as it turns out well, that's all that matters. That's the key difference. If you're speaking from William's perspective, you'd see grit, and if you're speaking from Jack Carter's perspective, you would see disrespect,” he said.

For the Canadian actor, being a mysterious, maybe not so nice guy exercises a different acting muscle.

“On Eureka, that character was definitely someone who got the job done and had to dig deep to do it. It's a similar drive that is present. It's just slightly askew. So it's really interesting for me to take that same drive and put it 10 degrees to the left and see all of a sudden how only 10 degrees really messes everything up. And then try to include all the humor that you can in that perspective and really justify it as well as you possibly can, so that people go, 'Okay, wow! I see his point of view, but it's extreme.' That's a fun exercise,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson does see a lot more humor in William than he expected. “Usually when they write these characters they can be a bit of a pendulum, all the way one way and all the way the other. There's actually a lot of nice little jokes that they've written in. They might not be funny, but there's levity, at the very least. That's something that I can grab onto and try to make the most of. I enjoy that as a mooring point to the character. Despite everything he's been through, despite everything he's putting everybody through, he still has a sense of humor. I respect that a lot,” he said.

This season on Haven, “the mythology sort of explodes. All of a sudden things start getting answered. It's really interesting to watch the crew come up to you and go, 'Hold on a second. Is this true?' They'll run by the mythology like, 'Whoa!' So it's fun to get that reaction from people,” said Ferguson.

As far as what we have to look forward to, “I gotta say, Haven's darker than Eureka. Holy cow,” said Ferguson. “They show things that we [on Eureka] just wouldn't show. We're like, 'That's gross!' ... This is definitely a more adult show.”

However, Ferguson, who'll be in at least eight episodes this season, doesn't see this year as any darker than last season. The cast and crew "say that [the episodes are] darker. I don't think they're any darker. I mean, I watched season three with everybody else. There's a skin walker who takes the skin off of other people and lives in it. It doesn't get darker than that, in my opinion. So I'd like to classify myself as a classy irritant to the storyline. I don't think it's particularly darker, and it's definitely not any more extreme than that. [However,] I think it's a lot more fun,” he said.

“We have a season-long arc that pays off at the end. It really is a season that turns everything on its head, as well as gives people the answers they've been asking for for a while. It's a big, big season,” said Ferguson.

As for William, “So far I've interacted with everybody. Adam Copeland and Eric Balfour and Lucas Bryant. Everybody. ... My particular annoyance seems to spread quite far, so I certainly get up in everybody's business at some point, which has been really, really fun,” he said.

As to his character's fate, “rumor has it they're not done with me at the end of the season. I know Haven has a habit of killing them off at the end of the season, but I'm told that's not going to happen. Although you never know.”

Here's a preview of tonight's episode, "Survivors":

Haven airs on Syfy on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET.

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