Why Eureka's Neil Grayston is relieved he didn't kill Felicia Day

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Actor Neil Grayston admits he's very glad he didn't kill Felicia Day. Well, he's actually glad his character, Fargo, on Syfy's Eureka didn't kill Day's new recurring character, Dr. Holly Marten, on last week's episode, "Reprise."

"'Cause I ... yeah. I really hate her in that episode," said Grayston in an exclusive interview.

In "Reprise," trouble ensues when many of the people in Eureka begin taking the lyrics of songs a little too literally, and Fargo decides to make Holly disappear because he thinks she's about to cause trouble for him and Global Dynamics.

"I would have to—like me, Neil Grayston—would have to close up my Internet accounts and computers and just disappear from the Internet. Felicia's got her own built-in fan base, too, that she's probably bringing to Eureka, and they're pretty loyal, so I wouldn't want to stir their ire."

Day's fan base, thanks to her roles in everything from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog to Dollhouse, need not worry. Holly will appear in a seven-episode arc during Eureka's season 4.5 this summer.

"When you actually see what her dialogue is on the page, it's like these humongous, humongous paragraphs of rambling talk," said Grayston. "But then she'd do it so well, and she just rattles it off all quickly and does it in her quirky way. ... Yeah, so her and Wil Wheaton were actually really nice additions this season." Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation), also a sci-fi fan favorite who previously guest-starred on Eureka as Dr. Isaac Parrish, will be in multiple episodes this season and will appear in tonight's episode, "Glimpse."

"A little triangle develops with Fargo and Parrish, who's played by Wil Wheaton, and Holly, who's Felicia Day. So that continues throughout the season. That is a source for a lot of fun, especially the back and forth between me and Wil."

And on tonight's episode, we'll also get a cameo from comic book legend Stan Lee. "That was actually a funny day [when Stan Lee came to film his part], where all of a sudden people that you've never seen on set were coming by to take a look," said Grayston with a laugh. "We had, I'm pretty sure, some of the people from Fringe and Hell Cats got wind of it, 'cause they film on the same lot."

In "Glimpse," Holly and Fargo begin to interview people for a long-term trip into space, thanks to the new FTL drive.

"We have more of a definitive arc this season, where like the town unites to take on the most ambitious project yet," he said.

It's a fun new direction for the series and his character, said Grayston. For Fargo, who suddenly found himself in charge of Global Dynamics after the main characters took an accidental trip back to 1947 last summer, "it's the tug of war between do-I-push-that-button or do-I-not-push-that-button, because I might blow up the world, but I also might cure cancer.' And that's, I think, what Fargo is. He deals in extremes a lot of the time, 'cause he never does anything maliciously. At least, I don't think so," he said.

"The thing about Fargo is that I basically get to be a human cartoon character," said Grayston. "They allow me to be that little bit just over-the-edge wacky. But they always come back and ground him with a bit of humanity, especially this season and season five. They really humanize him even more, which is really great for me."

"Everything he does is rooted in, like, 'Oh, this might be good for this,' and oftentimes it's not, but he doesn't let it beat him down. I think that's maybe why a lot of people seem to like the character. He's constantly going for it."

Fargo isn't the only one who's constantly going for it. "I'm the type of guy who's game for, say, being lit on fire or ... 'What do we do this episode? Oh, let's make him naked and covered in goo and running through Global,'" said Grayston. "'What will we do this week? Oh, let's get him stuck in a tree.'" Or send him back to 1947 naked and turn him into the Fargonator (aka Fargo + The Terminator). Or make him fly, or turn him green.

"I mean, I guess it's my fault, 'cause [creator] Jamie [Paglia] will come up to me sometimes and he'll be like, 'So, guess what we're going to do to you?' 'I don't know. What?' 'We're going to hang you upside down and throw you into a window.' And usually I'm like, 'Awesome!' So I think they're just testing me now to see that point where I'm like, 'Oh, no. Please, no.'"

Grayston admits it isn't likely that point is going to arrive anytime soon, especially since Eureka has been renewed for a fifth season, which has already begun production.

"We're still chugging away on our little Eureka train, which is awesome."

Eureka airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. on Syfy.

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