Eva Green joins Alice Winocour's astronaut action-drama Proxima

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Sep 7, 2017

Good news, space fans! Eva Green (Penny Dreadful, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children) has recently been cast in an astronaut action-drama, tentatively called Proxima. The film comes from Alice Winocour, who previously wrote and directed Disorder and Augustine.

Green will play an astronaut preparing for a one-year trip to the International Space Station. She must deal with an intense training schedule, as well as mentally preparing to be separated from her young daughter.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Wincour went into a little further detail about the upcoming project:

"It is [set] just before the launch, which is the worst part of the astronaut’s training. Because when they get in space they are ready for everything, but just before is really the hard part – how to say goodbye to your relatives, how to prepare your body for space. It’s really about how you put your fears and pain into something bigger than your life.

"The idea is also to have an astronaut that can be a superheroine and at the same time a mother, because I think in movies, mothers are always very weak characters. It’s time that women should assume that you can be an astronaut and a mother too."

Winocour also goes on to say that her fascination with space inspired the drama: "I thought space is always in science fiction movies, but now it is our reality."

Wincour has teamed with both the European Space Agency and Russian Space Agency to film a launch, as well as to film within the actual offices. Green will be trained by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who recently returned from his own six-month stay at the ISS.

Proxima is currently set to begin its nine-week shoot in January. German actor Lars Eidinger (Sense8) will co-star in the multilingual production.

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