Evan Peters gets his 15 minutes of infamy as Andy Warhol in AHS: Cult: See the uncanny pic

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Mar 26, 2021, 3:00 AM EDT (Updated)

It has taken three or four episodes, but American Horror Story: Cult is finally making good on its "cult" promise. This season sees series stalwart Evan Peters as Kai, a cult leader who feeds on post-election fears to gather an army of clown-masked murderers.

Peters is set to play Andy Warhol in an upcoming episode. Warhol wasn't a cult leader by the standard definition, but you can say many would consider him a cult-inspiring visionary. In the 1960s, Warhol ran The Factory, a warehouse decorated all in silver that was an art space/flophouse for artists, musicians, directors, and hangers-on. In Cult, Lena Dunham will play Valerie Solanas, the writer who shot Warhol.

Series creator Ryan Murphy posted a photo of Peters as Warhol, and the similarities are uncanny:

In future episodes, Peters will portray real-life cult leaders Charles Manson (who led his followers to kill seven people in the summer of 1969, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate), Marshall Applewhite (whose cult, Heaven's Gate, committed mass suicide while wearing matching sneakers in the belief that they would meet a spaceship that would take them to the Hale-Bopp comet), David Koresh (who led the Branch Davidians, a religious cult that was involved in a botched FBI stand-off in 1993, which ended with explosions and the deaths of over 80 cult members), and Jim Jones (leader of the People's Temple who led his followers down to Jonestown, a compound in Guyana, where he and his followers drank poisoned juice in a mass murder/suicide with over 900 deaths).