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Evan Rachel Wood reveals when you can return to Westworld

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Nov 6, 2017, 10:59 PM EST (Updated)

Are you as eager as we are to return to Westworld? We may not have all that long to wait. 

Today, series star Evan Rachel Wood was asked by a fan on Twitter when Season 2 of the smash hit HBO sci-fi extravaganza would enter our lives. Surprisingly, Wood responded:

Spring 2018! That potentially means we're only a few more months away from strapping on our guns and choosing a hat color. Actually, we probably wouldn't want to go to the park as a guest, considering Season 1's finale found park co-creator Dr. Ford (played to perfection by Anthony Hopkins) giving his synthetic western animatronics Open eyeClose eye Show Spoiler the freedom to murder, rape, and pillage as they please.

Hopefully, we'll be safe behind our television screens, as the new season sounds like it's only going to get more dangerous. The show's already been confirmed to be expanding the mythos to include Samurai World, something that was only hinted at in the last season. Not only that, but the inclusion of Medieval World and Roman World have also been confirmed. Furthermore, we know that Logan (Ben Barnes), one of the show's resident jerks, will be back in some capacity, and that Evan Rachel Wood's Delores will be firing a rifle from horseback.

What else might we expect in the spring of 2018? To quote a character from the show:


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