Evangeline Lilly had 1 condition to sign on for The Hobbit (but Jackson broke it)

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Dec 16, 2013, 5:16 PM EST

Coming off her lengthy stint on Lost, Evangeline Lilly had just one condition for Peter Jackson when she agreed to co-star in The Hobbit — and too bad for her, Jackson broke his promise halfway through the shoot.

Minor spoilers ahead for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug!

After being at the center of a big ol’ love triangle on Lost, Lilly wanted her Hobbit role to focus on the elf ass-kicking, as opposed to the “will they/won’t they” of a relationship. During the auditions, Jackson said he’d have no problem working around that “promise.”

Well, at least until they decided to turn the two-parter into a full-fledged trilogy, making way for some extensive reshoots to flesh out some storylines. According to Lilly, it was all over once she got word the studio wanted to add a little more spice to her elf story:

“We came back for reshoots in 2012 … and they were like, 'Uh, the studio would really like to see…' And I was like, 'Here we go. Here we go' [shakes her bowed head]. And sure enough I'm in another love triangle.”

Yep, so that’s apparently where the tangled tale of Tauriel’s knowing glances with Legolas came from, while she also deals with a crush on dwarf warrior Kili (Aidan Turner) along the way. Oh, drama.

What did you think of Lilly’s character? Did you like the love triangle story?

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