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Even director Ron Howard 'feel[s] badly' for Solo underperforming at the box office

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Jun 11, 2018, 5:22 PM EDT (Updated)

It appears that even Solo: A Star Wars Story’s director is bummed over the film’s lackluster box-office performance. Ron Howard, who came onboard late in production to direct the Star Wars spinoff film after original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were let go, has turned to social media to express pride over the film yet dismay over Solo underperforming.

“I’m proud of #SoloAStarWarsStory and the cast & crew worked hard to give fans a fun new addition.,” said Howard on Twitter. “As a director I feel badly when people who I believe (& exit polls show) will very likely enjoy a movie... don’t see it on a big screen w/great sound.”

This follows Howard making a direct plea to the public to go check out the film on the big screen after Solo failed to meet opening weekend projections. 

With a budget of roughly $250 million (making it the most expensive Star Wars movie ever made), Solo has currently made $176 million at the box office domestically to date, according to Box Office Mojo. By comparison, The Last Jedi had made $620 million after being in theaters for the same period of time (17 days), and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story raked in $532 million domestically in the same time frame. 

Still, while Disney scrambles to figure out what happened and why before Star Wars Episode IX hits theaters next year, Howard doesn’t seem discouraged from exploring a possible Solo sequel. Yet.