Even Peter Capaldi's first action figure doesn't reveal his Who costume

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Jan 22, 2014

Peter Capaldi's officially got a toy likeness of himself now, but it still doesn't reveal the Twelfth Doctor's new threads.

New costumes are a time-honored, character-defining tradition on Doctor Who, from Tom Baker's legendary mile-long scarf to Peter Davison's celery lapel pin to Sylvester McCoy's umbrella to Matt Smith's bowtie. It's a big choice for an actor, for a costume designer and for a showrunner to put the star of the series in a new outfit that will go down in Who history no matter how good or bad it is, and that might be why even images from the Doctor Who set haven't yet revealed Peter Capaldi's official look. So when will we finally see it?

Well, today, when we heard that new Doctor Who action figures had been revealed for 2014, we thought there was a good chance that the Twelfth Doctor's figure would include his new costume. Surely they wouldn't leave us hanging on the toys, right? Surely the Twelfth Doctor would first appear in plastic miniature form in his personal wardrobe?

Sadly, that is not the case ...

Those toys are part of a new figure set just announced by the BBC and Doctor Who toy licensee Character Options. The set, as you can see, includes two new Dalek figures, a Zygon figure, a Weeping Angel figure, a new Clara figure, Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor in his classic look and the Twelfth Doctor, who's still wearing Matt Smith's later wardrobe, minus the bowtie, the same clothes he was wearing when he regenerated.

So, why no new costume? Well, apart from the fact that Steven Moffat and company might just want the costume to stay secret for a little while longer, there's also the news that these figures are being released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and during that anniversary year these were the only clothes we saw Capaldi's Doctor wearing. 

So, unfortunately, we still don't know what Capaldi's new costume looks like (unless he really is just wearing pajamas). Fear not, though, because series eight is only months away, and as this little piece of promo art shows, a figure featuring the new costume is already in development.

(Via Doctor Who TV)

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