Han Solo in Star Wars

Ever wondered what a Tauntaun smells like? These Star Wars candles bring the gross goodness

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Oct 12, 2018, 10:03 AM EDT

Ever wonder what the inside of a Tauntaun smells like? No, really smells like? Star Wars scented candles have been floating around space for years — just go navigate Etsy. Like most candles, they usually smell pretty inoffensive; think cinnamon buns for anything Leia-themed. That is about to change with a new officially licensed line of candles that are supposed to smell like the most disgusting Star Wars scenes your nose never wondered about until now.

Han Solo has famously made some vague olfactory references in Star Wars, one of which referred to the guts of a Tauntaun carcass when he used it as an impromptu sleeping bag for Luke. He thought they smelled bad on the outside, whatever indication that might give. Then there was that remark that came out of nowhere in the trash compactor scene when he marveled at “What an incredible smell you’ve discovered”. What that could that mean for the Inside of a Tauntaun and Trash Compactor candles is anyone’s guess.

Next to those two, you probably have to be the level of brave it takes to blow up the Death Star (there’s a candle for that too) to make your whole place smell like Wookie, Bantha Milk, X-Wing Cockpit, Cantina, Lightsaber Duel, Han Solo Carbonite, Millennium Falcon, Yoda’s Cooking Pot, Rancor, Sarlacc Pit, Jabba’s Palace, Ewok, and, of course, Death Star Destroyed.

So many questions. Could this take on Bantha Milk just be your standard vanilla candle with enough blueberry to do justice to bluish alien secretions, or does it really smell like something strange and funky and definitely not of this planet? Jabba’s Palace has to somehow involve hookah smoke and possibly incense, but does it reek of the sweat of a half-ton Hutt who languishes in there for days without a bath? Also, does anyone really want to know what’s inside Yoda’s cooking pot?

You can find out by preordering these at Merchoid or Geekstore, whether it’s just a set for one movie or the entire galaxy. Just don’t burn anything that smells like the smoldering remnants of an Imperial spacecraft if you don’t want the neighbors to think you live in one massive fire hazard.

(via io9)