Every Christopher Lee Dracula movie ranked

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:28 AM EDT (Updated)

Christopher Lee played Dracula A LOT. Over the course of three decades, Lee starred as the Count in nine different movies. Not all of them are great, but he is (almost) always great in them.

Some people say Lee didn't actually like playing Dracula. And, yeah, OK, he may have spent as much time complaining about the Dracula movies he was in as he did playing the guy. Lee's even said on occasion that he only repeatedly played the Count to ensure people had jobs.

But if you genuinely look at his body of work, you'll see that Lee was an artist who cared about Dracula so much that he was only dissatisfied because he always wanted to serve the Count better. He was so dedicated that, when he felt the scripts weren't up to snuff (which was often), Lee would sometimes add little snippets of dialogue pulled directly from Bram Stoker's original novel in order to make his performance more authentic.

Maybe Christopher Lee didn't always like playing Dracula -- but he still clearly loved and respected the character.

And even though Lee ultimately gave up playing Dracula in order to avoid being typecast, his impact on how the character is played is, like Dracula, immortal. In Internet terms, that can only mean one thing -- a list! That's just how we do.

So here's a 100 percent one-person's-opinion rundown of the many Christopher Lee Dracula joints from worst to best. These are ranked based not only on Lee's performance, but also on the ability of each movie to keep the formula fresh. What formula? More on that in a moment.

For now, check out the list. I hope it provides you the same good excuse it gave me to watch all these movies again, or maybe even see them for the first time!