Every Day Horror Day 13: Wishmaster

Oct 13, 2018, 12:00 PM EDT

It's October 13. Lucky thirteen! You feeling lucky? Maybe you'd feel even more lucky if you made a wish to be more lucky? Anything you want to wish for? Money? To be pretty forever? To never have to watch the Wishmaster movies?

Sorry! Just like you can't wish for more wishes, you can't wish to not watch Wishmaster, because we already watched it. And since you agreed through non-verbal contract to be part of this podcast experience, now you have to watch Wishmaster, too. But you don't have to watch Wishmaster 2, and for that you are very, very welcome.

The good news is that today's episode of Every Day Horror is co-hosted by the creator of Movie Nights, Allison Pregler. If you are unfamiliar with this YouTube series, let's just say Wishmaster is far from the worst movie Allison has seen.

But we held our nerve, typed up a bunch of silly jokes, and then talked for a while about Wishmaster. How bad is it really? Why are all the ladies so into the djinn? How did the djinn get his groove back? And are any of the sequels better (I watched most of them)?

There's only one way to unravel the mystery: listen!

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