the blob

Every Day Horror Day 14: The Blob (1958)

Oct 14, 2018, 5:00 PM EDT

It's October 14. Two weeks into watching at least one horror movie for every day in this, the month of Halloween. How are you doing so far? Holding up okay? Good, good. We're doing well, except this weird thing crash-landed from outer space and seems to be devouring all the peoples of our nearby suburban town.

Completely unrelated: SYFY WIRE's own features editor, Jordan Zakarin, joined Every Day Horror today to talk about the original The Blob. It's a movie that's as much about the red scare as it is about hot rodding. And, by Steve McQueen's ghost, The Blob sure involves a lot of car racing for some reason.

The Blob is a classic, as is its 1988 remake. But did you ever wonder what would happen if someone made The Blob in 2018? It is another 30 years later, after all. Seems like someone should've gone for the threemake. Some might say America's current political state of affairs is the threemake!

What makes The Blob timeless? What would happen if someone made it now? Only one way to survive the blobby onslaught: listen!

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