the exorcist

Every Day Horror Day 15: The Exorcist

Oct 15, 2018, 5:15 PM EDT

It's October 15. An unremarkable day to talk about a remarkable film. On today's episode of Every Day Horror, I'm joined by SYFY WIRE associate features editor Caitlin Busch to talk about what is easily one of the most important horror movies ever made: The Exorcist.

It felt inevitable from the moment I began collecting guests for the podcast that someone would select The Exorcist. Not only is William Friedken's directing second-to-none, not only is William Peter Blatty's script one of the most mesmerizing character studies of all time, but the acting from Linda Blair is something that will stay with you forever once you've seen it.

But the thing about The Exorcist is this: when the average person talks about it, they're always referring to the third act. To be sure, Act Three of The Exorcist is the stuff of legend, but it would never have worked without the slow peeling away of sanity that takes place in the first two acts. The failure of science, the doubt of Father Karras, and the slow pulling apart of the American family — it's truly breathtaking.

Caitlin and I talk about all that and more. Is there something you've never considered about The Exorcist that we talked about today? The only way to find out is to listen!

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