truth or dare

Every Day Horror Day 2: Blumhouse's Truth or Dare

Oct 2, 2018

It's October 2! Time for another episode of our Halloween podcast, Every Day Horror! Are you ready to watch another great scary movie and talk about it?

Too bad! Today, associate editor from The Mary Sue Princess Weekes insisted we watch the "new," "classic" "film," Truth or Dare (2018).

Weekes originally pitched Truth or Dare to me as a "feminist masterpiece." Is it? It's up to you! But the answer is "no." Or, if you're Princess Weekes, "kinda?"

Truth or Dare is a Blumhouse joint. It operates somewhat in the style of a Final Destination movie. There's a supernatural force trying to kill a bunch of teens. But, because it's 2018, said force is murdering with the kind of impunity that only a Snapchat filter can offer. Spooky!

Most importantly: You definitely end up rooting for a majority of these kids to die because they're just bad people.

Is there something to be salvaged from Truth or Dare? The only way to find out is to listen.

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