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Every Day Horror Day 21: Brian Yuzna's Society

Apr 23, 2019, 4:06 PM EDT (Updated)

It's October 21. Only 10 more days to Halloween. That's exciting! We're kinda sorta almost in the home stretch of watching horror movies. Not that there's any reason to stop. Literally no horror movie is worse than the news!

And on that note, today on Every Day Horror the co-host of the official Wynonna Earp podcast, Max Tedaldi, has brought with him the Brian Yuzna classic Society (released in 1989 in the UK; 1992 in the USA). Yuzna is a real horror hero. He worked on the Re-Animator movies, helped guarantee my eternal fear of orthodontics with The Dentist franchise, and of course brought us probably the first-ever zombie romance movie with Return of the Living Dead III (1993).

But today we're focusing on Society, a movie that is all about how the wealthy 1% are secretly a group of monsters who want to manipulate and assimilate all of the best traits of the poor before devouring them. I just wish Max had picked a film that had parallels with the modern day!

Ha ha ha, just kidding. We're living Society, which is why it's pretty crazy that Yuzna's proposing a Society sequel that would have the tagline, "Revenge of the 1%." I mean, if this ain't it, right here, right now, then I'd hate to see what the rich people ruining all of our lives really look like, y'know!

Anyway, Max and I talk about all of that and also about the cool gore effects, the dude who is literally a butt head and we also argue over whether or not you even need to watch anything but the last ten minutes of the movie. Where did we land? Listen and find out!

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