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Every Day Horror Day 26: Psycho (1960)

Apr 23, 2019, 1:13 PM EDT (Updated)

It's October 26, aka the last Friday before Halloween. I assume that means you are out in the streets, buying last-minute candy and skeletons and pumpkins and sharpening your knives and such. Candy and murders: That's what Halloween is all about!

And if you're a big fan of murders, then today's episode of Every Day Horror is the one for you! Former editor and current columnist for Fangoria Magazine Tony Timpone decided to take us back to the original Psycho (1960).

It's interesting to put Psycho in the context of the time it came out. Horror movies were very different back then. It was more about giant bug-eyed monsters and Blobs and William Castle doing wacky gimmicks in the theater like having vibrating seats. That's a real thing, by the way. Look up The Tingler.

The 1950s were the end of the Universal Monster, but still a grand time for Vincent Price.

And then Alfred Hitchcock decided he could make a cheap movie, but do it better. And he did. And that was Psycho.

Why did Hitchcock decide to dip his toe into B movies? And what was the legacy of that? Only one way to find out: listen!

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