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Every Day Horror Day 27: It (1990 and 2017)

Apr 23, 2019, 1:10 PM EDT (Updated)

It's October 27. Chances are you have a Halloween party tonight. There's a storm a-brewin' here in New York City, so the kids probably aren't out in force demanding candy, but they probably will be before the weekend is through.

But here at Every Day Horror, we've still got our eyes on the movie-watching prize. Today, Managing Editor of Decider Alex Zalben joins me to talk about the many incarnations of Stephen King's It.

Both of us have childhood memories of Pennywise, and, as Alex put his kids to bed, we couldn't help but turn our conversation toward the difference between being scared as a child and being scared as an adult. And we talked about how having kids changes the way you view (or don't view) horror.

Where does It fit into the cultural zeitgeist? Were we really all that afraid of clowns before Pennywise? Only one way to find out: Listen!

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