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Every Day Horror Day 29: Hereditary (2018)

Apr 23, 2019, 1:08 PM EDT (Updated)

It's October 29. We're almost out of spooky time! Hard to believe, but true. In two more days, it's Halloween and then this month of every day podcasting will be at its end. Or will it?

Yesterday I took a pause from my own Halloween party to hide in the corner of my office to record today's podcast. You're welcome! On this episode of Every Day Horror, I was joined by the creator of the HBomberguy YouTube channel, Harris Bomberguy. That's not his real last name. Or is it?

Hereditary (2018) was our subject. A lot of people think it is the best horror movie of the year. Some people even think it's the best horror movie of the decade so far. Harris also liked it. I hated it. Or did I?

I did. I hated Hereditary so much that I've tweeted, written articles, and now I've podcasted about how much I absolutely despise Hereditary. But also Harris thought it was very enjoyable so we had a fun conversation more or less agreeing with each other about the movie's strengths and weaknesses.

It turns out you can hate a movie for the same reasons someone else loves it. Or can you? You can. And the best way to discover how is to listen!

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