season of the witch 1973

Every Day Horror Day 30: Season of the Witch (1973)

Oct 30, 2018, 10:50 PM EDT

It's October 30. It's the eve of All Hallows' Eve. It's the night where I start eating all the candy because sorry, kids: adults need candy way more than you do. And it's also the penultimate episode of this podcast we've been doing the last 30 days straight.

Yes, Every Day Horror is nearing its end as a daily podcast. So today co-host of the Bad Romance podcast, Brownwyn Isaac joined me so we could delve into some magical territory with Season of the Witch (1973).

There are so many movies called Season of the Witch. There's Halloween III, there's a Nicholas Cage movie, there's this one we talked about, there's... I think a few others? Basically everyone wants to sneak that dope Donovan song into their movie. And who can blame them? That song is dope.

But this movie called Season of the Witch has something that no other version has: Jan White (pictured above in resplendent life-goals fashion). Oh, and also George Romero directed it. You know, The guy who invented the modern zombie film. No big deal.

Why do Browyn and I see Jan as a style icon? Are any of the other titles this film went by better than Season of the Witch? Is there witchcraft in this movie at all, honestly? And are there some hairstyles not even Bushwick can contain? Only one way to find out: listen!

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