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Every Day Horror Day 31: Black Christmas (1974)

Oct 31, 2018, 11:00 AM EDT

It's October 31. Halloween. We did it. 31 days of podcasting about scary movies, funny movies that have some scares, movies about witches, slasher movies, evil djinn, human flies: you name it, we covered it.

Every Day Horror is about to end (for now), but not without one more episode before we go. Antonella Inserra, co-writer of the PBS It's Lit series and co-host of the Apocalist Book Club podcast, rejoined me for one last adventure.

Nella and I both noticed that all the shops, having already abandoned the trappings of Halloween, have already stocked their shelves with aisles and aisles of Christmas ephemera. Truly, what could be more terrifying.

In acknowledgment of that, our final film is none other than the holiday classic, Black Christmas (1974). There are lots of films prior to Halloween we can point to that helped usher in the birth of the American slasher, but few are more influential, more well-crafted, or more downright scary than Black Christmas.

Nella had never seen it, I have watched it many times, and, between the two of us, we had one last great conversation before we hit the road. So what were Nella's first impressions of Black Christmas? What did I get from my latest viewing?

Only one way to find out: listen!

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