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Every Day Horror Day 7: Better Watch Out

Apr 23, 2019, 4:27 PM EDT (Updated)

It's October 7! It's a Sunday! It's the first day of the second week of our podcast Every Day Horror! What a gift.

Naturally, to celebrate that gift, we're talking about Christmas. Christmas and horror are very often intertwined. There's Black Christmas, there's Silent Night, Deadly Night, there's Christmas Evil, there's The Krampus, there's Jim Carrey in Grinch makeup, which is truly terrifying...

And, of course, there is Home Alone!

Do you not think of Home Alone as a horror movie? Sociopath kid torments burglars with exponentially increasing physical and psychological violence over the course of one Christmas Eve? What other genre could that be, ya filthy animal?

That is why today's guest, Film Brain, aka Matthew Buck, brought along Better Watch Out (2017), a film that, in part, explores the darker side of the Home Alone aesthetic.

Is it the best Christmas present ever or is it a paint can to the face? Listen and find out!

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