evil of dracula

Every Day Horror Day 24: Evil of Dracula

Apr 23, 2019, 1:16 PM EDT (Updated)

It's October 24. It is now actually one week to Halloween. Hard to believe, mostly because it only just finally started getting cool out in New York. I guess the real everyday horror is rapid, life-obliterating climate change, huh?

Unfortunately, Every Day Horror is not a podcast where we talk about climate change. So, today, comic book writer Vita Ayala joins me to talk about Evil of Dracula (1974).

Neither of us had previously seen Michio Yamamoto's third and final entry in his Bloodthirsty Trilogy, but October podcasting felt like the perfect excuse. If you are unfamiliar, The Bloodthirsty Trilogy is a trio of Japanese vampire films designed to pay homage to the Hammer Horror era of vampire movie making while still maintaining a modern, Japanese sensibility. And by "modern," we mean "1970s." And by "sensibility," we mean "sideburns."

So many sideburns.

In addition to floofy facial hair, Evil of Dracula also features a really fun and genuinely scary take on the vampire mythos. There are haunted all-girl schools, people taking off faces, and one dude who I'm pretty sure is an incel. Spooky!

How high did the scares make us jump? What sort of dude just goes into another man's wife's coffin? Should Vita and I just get sideburns? It seems like we both are really into sideburns? So many questions, and the only way to get answers is to listen in!

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