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Every Day Horror Day 4: The Fly (1986)

Oct 4, 2018, 6:00 PM EDT

It's October 4. Are you ready for more horror? Of course you are! You were born ready! You came out of the womb with a knife glove on your hand and a hockey mask on your face. It was very painful!

On today's episode of Every Day Horror, I am joined by the creator of the brentalfloss YouTube channel and one of the co-hosts from Maximum Fun's Trends Like These podcast, Brent Black.

As this is the month of Jeff Goldblum's birth, it was inevitable we would talk about one of his most famous roles, and today is that day. Brent's choice is the David Cronenberg classic The Fly (1986).

The original The Fly (1958) plays out as more of a murder mystery with a horror heart, but Cronenberg's remake is a body horror horse of a very different color. Why does The Fly hold up so well? Is it Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis' performances, the incredible makeup effects, the terrifying implied accusation into the violent nature of man? Yes. All those things.

Are you an insect who dreamt they were a man and loved it? Well, the dream is over, baby, and the insect is awake — and it wants podcasts! So listen in, otherwise there will be so much blood! Just kidding. Probably. Anyway, enjoy!

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