Every Member of the Legion of Super Heroes, Ranked: #102-50

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Dec 21, 2018, 9:00 PM EST (Updated)

First of all, yes, we're doing a listicle in two parts because The Legion of Super Heroes is that deep. 

If comic-book superteams were Disney characters, the Legion of Super Heroes would be Daisy Duck; everybody has heard of them, but they never really take center stage.

For those who need the origin story, the Legion first appeared in 1958, in Adventure Comics #247, published by DC Comics. Some 1,000 years in the future (always relative to whatever time they were published in), they are a group of super-powered teenagers (later adults) from various worlds of the United Planets, dedicated to keeping peace and doing good. Their original origin had Superboy, legendary hero of the 20th century, as the inspiration for the team. Superboy joined in their first appearance and served as the lead character for the first two decades of stories. Throughout their 58-year history, Legion stories have delivered teen angst, allegories for political unrest and universal equality, space (and soap) opera, epic time-travel sagas, superheroics and straight-up, sophisticated sci-fi.

If they are known for anything, it's the frequent use of “Boy” “Girl,” “Lad” and “Lass” in its members' codenames (even into their adulthood and despite the fact that no one is Scottish), and for their multiple retcons (as of this writing, their origin has been rebooted six times).

This all said, we present to you our ranking of every single member ever, from least to most important. We here at Blastr are nothing if not completists, so a few disclaimers are necessary.

            Disclaimer #1: Not counted are people who joined in speculative futures (sorry, Hate Face and Leeta-87). We’re only going for full-blown, Legion fight ring/belt wearer, even if it was brief. Years indicate when they joined, or when we learned they joined (lots of stuff happens off-screen).

            Disclaimer #2: We are covering every incarnation of the Legion in comics. Reboot, Threeboot. Everything.

            Disclaimer #3: While everything is subjective, rankings were determined by overall impact to the team, the comics and the mythology.

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#102: "False Pretenses Lad"

Name: Jan Jorr
Powers: Unknown
Joined: 1964

This expelled Legion member was only shown once, in flashback. His code name isn't even known, but this made up one is important. Dude apparently infiltrated the Legion to get access to their files, was caught and was kicked out.


#101: Blackout Boy

Name: Graah
Powers: Cast darkfields
Joined: 1965

So this guy, along with Size Lad and Magnetic Kid I (next two entries) was an alien spy who infiltrated the Legion but got caught.


#100: Size Lad

Name: Aarl
Powers: Can make objects large or small
Joined: 1965

See Blackout Boy's entry.


#99: Magnetic Kid I

Name: Xaxan
Powers: Magnetic manipulation
Joined: 1965

See Blackout Boy's entry.


#98: Turtle

Name: Bogdan Tarka
Powers: Super durable
Joined: 2009 (Reserve Member)

Tried to join the Threeboot Legion towards the end of its run, but was made reserve. The only thing I seem to remember about him was that he ate a lot? Am I dreaming this?


#97: Sizzle

Name: Teela Spuunvll
Powers: Absorbs, alters and redirects energy
Joined: 2009 (Reserve Member)

Made reserve for the Threeboot Legion, along with Turtle because she needed an energy source for her powers to work.


#96: Pete Ross

Name: Pete Ross (shocker)
Powers: None
Joined: 1962 (Honorary Member)

Superboy's best friend was given honorary membership for the lamest reason possible - keeping Superboy's real identity secret. If this is super-group qualification, Alfred Pennyworth should be the damn President of the Justice League!


#95: Command Kid

Name: Jeem Reehtu
Powers: Illusion Casting
Joined: 1965

Command Kid got possessed by a demon, which gave him powers but turned him into a snooty bitch and drove him to join the Legion so he could GET THEM HOOKED ON PILLS. Everyone succumbed, except for those squares Saturn Girl and Element Lad, who exorcised the demon using gold.


#94: Dynamo Boy

Name: Vorm
Powers: Device that simulated energy powers
Joined: 1965

Dynamo Boy infiltrated the Legion (a running theme, if you haven't noticed), got everyone expelled on technicalties and was banished to the future. Notable for working a skirt fifty years before Jaden Smith.


#93: Anti-Lad

Name: Unknown
Powers: Visor which allowed him to turn one's super powers against them
Joined: 1974

Anti-Lad came from the 75th century to repair the timeline, because somehow it got screwed up and Superboy never joined the Legion, which would destroy Anti-Lad's future. Don't ask. He fixed the present, then erased everyone's memories and went back to the future. He looked like he had a Samsung Gear on his face.



#92: Echo

Name: Myke-4 Astor
Powers: Sound Manipulation
Joined: 1992 (at least, that's when he was first mentioned)

Echo was one of many members that we never saw but who joined during the five years that took place between the Legion's third and fourth volume. 


#91: Calamity King

Name: E. Davis Ester
Powers: Can affect probability to cause bad luck
Joined: Unknown (was a member during five year gap)

Calamity King has a really cool power and a really cool name, but most of his adventures with the Legion went unchronicled. 


#90: Visi Lad

Name: Rhent Ustin
Powers: Heat, telescopic, microscopic and hypnotic vision
Joined: Unknown (was a member during the five year gap)

Another member who joined during the mostly unchronicled period that took place between the Legion's third and fourth volume. This was actually someone we saw sometimes, in both series. His weird, sometime multiple eyeballs were never consistent between appearances which, honestly, is the least of the Legion's continuity problems.


#89: Elastic Lad

Name: Jimmy Olsen
Powers: Elasticity
Joined: 1963 (Honorary Member)

Once upon a time, Superman's best pal got super powers and became an honorary member.



#88: Insect Queen

Name: Lana Lang
Powers: Ring allowed her to turn into insects or insect hybrids
Joined: 1967 (Reserve Member)

Once upon a time, Superman's first love could turn into a bug, so she hung out with the Legion. 


#87: Kid Psycho

Name: Gnill Opral
Powers: Telekinesis and force field projection
Joined: 1965

Kid Psycho was all kinds of messed up. First of all, he was a pioneer for superheroes with hydroencephalitis. Second, his code name made no sense. Third, every time he used his powers he'd shorten his life by a year. Fourth, his look is very Jambi from Pee Wee's Playhouse or Gloria Swanson.


#86: Reflecto

Name: Stig Ah
Powers: Can reflect any object back to its source
Joined: Unknown (was a member during the five year gap)

Once upon a time Reflecto was Superboy-with-amnesia, but then the Legion timeline was rebooted (for the second time) and Superboy didn't exist anymore, so Reflecto turned into a rando named Stig Ah who joined off-panel. 


#85: Storm Boy

Name: Myke Chypurz
Powers: Device that allowed for weather control
Joined: Unknown (was a member during the five year gap)

Storm Boy originally applied for The Legion, but was rejected due to relying on a device for his powers. He later joined during the oft-spoken, rarely seen "five year gap" of stories. When the Legion timeline was rejiggered (for the FIFTH time) he ended up a psycho villain with great hair.


#84: Firefist

Name: Unknown
Powers: Enchanced strength and speed (along with a cybernetic gun for an arm)
Joined: 1993

The closest the Legion ever came to the “big guns and pouches” phenomena that swept super hero comics in the early 90s. Joined with the next three entries. Short tenure and forgettable.


#83: Blood Claw

Name: Unknown
Powers: Super strength and cybernetically enhanced claws. 
Joined: 1993

The second of the four Khundians to join the Legion before being killed. Notable for his hairdo, which resembled Valerie Harper's during the first season of Valerie.


(Blood Claw Image credit: Tommy Tejeda)


#82: Flederweb

Name: Unknown
Powers: Wall adhesion and flight thanks to cybernetically enhanced wings
Joined: 1993

The 3rd Khundian member to join gets higher treatment solely because his name sounds like a very specific German beer or fancy pantyhose. (Image credit: Tommy Tejeda)


#81: Veilmist

Name: Unknown
Powers: Teleportation
Joined: 1993

The last of the four Khundians to join, she was Firefist's wife and notable for trying to snag Legionnaries Reflex AND Ultra Boy, as well as making a pink veil actually work.


#80: Dream Boy

Name: Rol Purtha
Powers: Precognition
Joined: 2006

Joined during the Threeboot Legion to replace the dead Dream Girl. Had a sort of interesting costume and was a quasi silver fox, but ultimately forgettable.


#79: Gazelle

Name: Giselle Smith
Powers: Metabolic control allowing her enhanced strength and speed
Joined: 2009

A member briefly during the Legion's fifth (!) comic, she's mostly remembered for a unique power and being surly.


#78: Gear

Name: I.Z.O.R
Powers: Technically enhanced body can modify computers and machinery
Joined: 2002

Gear was an interesting character - from a race of techo-organic beings - that sort of quietly slipped into membership and never really got a moment in the spotlight.


#77: Catspaw

Name: April Dumaka
Powers: Enhanced agility, razor sharp claws
Joined: 1993

Short-lived member notable for purring a lot, usually being horny and talking about herself in the third person.


#76: Dragonmage

Name: Xao Jin
Powers: Spellcasting
Joined: 1993

Boring while a member, he briefly showed up as power hungry side player in the third rebooted timeline.


#75: Computo

Name: Danielle Foccart
Powers: Can communicate/control computers
Joined: 1993

Danielle is the little sister of the second Invisible Kid, which means she has a French accent. Being able to "talk" to computers was an odd power for a comic set in the 30th century (where computer technology is so advanced, mastery of it isn't hard), but she had a cool jacket.


#74: Kid Quantum I

Name: James Cullen
Powers: Belt allows him to create time stasis fields
Joined: 1993

A retcon member created for no apparent purpose (other than to replace Ferro Lad as the first Legionnaire that died), he’s only at this listing because he spawned the much more interesting Kid Quantum #2.


#73: Harmonia

Name: Harmonia Li
Powers: Elemental control
Joined: 2011

An immortal professor of temporal physics who sort of popped out of nowhere and became a thing in Volume 7 of the comics. Despite reading every issue of the series, I still have no idea where the hell she came from. Still, she got panel time.


#72: Thunder

Name: Cece Beck
Powers: Super strength, speed, flight, invulnerability
Joined: 1998

Having a member of the Shazam! family from the 90th century join the Legion was pretty random, but Thunder was an interesting choice whose tenure was brief. After she and the rest of the Legion were freed from possession by the alien Blight, she quit the team by LEAVING THEM A NOTE. Which a) is really tacky and b) writing a note is outdated in 2015, so its particularly bizarre for a 90th century teen using 30th century tech. 


#71: Atmos

Name: Marak Russen
Powers: Super speed, strength, flight, energy projection and hypnosis
Joined: Unknown (member during five year gap)

A side character during the 80s who joined in the five-year gap. Important because he dated Dream Girl, despite not having any visible armpits, and also for employing the 80s comics trend of Mohawks (see Nuklon, Storm).


#70: Crystal Kid

Name: Bobb Kohan
Powers: Can create crystal constructs
Joined: Unknown (joined during five year gap)

A trainee since the 70s, he joined offscreen during the five year gap. His glimmery top would have made Alexis Carrington jealous, but his longetivity earns him this spot.


#69: Nightwind

Name: Berta Skye Harris
Powers: Controls wind
Joined: Unknown (joined during five year gap)

Similar to Crystal Kid, Nightwind was a supporting player for years before joining during the gap. She wore a cloak a lot, which in comics means you are deep and spiritual.


#68: Dragonwing

Name: Marya Pai
Powers: Fire breath, acid absorption
Joined: 2011

Dragonwing was a character with a lot of potential we knew little about (and whose power made her sort of a futuristic version of Green Flame). Her translucent dragon coat was very Zora in Blade Runner.


#67: Chemical Kid

Name: Hadru Jamik
Powers: Can catalyze chemical reactions
Joined: 2011

Chemical Kid had the same powers as the oft-forgotten Legion member, Chemical King. He was kind of a spoiled jerk, but got a lot of story time during the Legion's last run, hence his ranking.


#66: Glorith II

Name: Glorith
Powers: Spellcasting
Joined: 2011

In the fourth volume of the Legion, Glorith was a powerful time manipulator who screwed with the Legion (and their continuity). So when this character showed up in volumes six and seven, timid and unsure, it seemed the groundwork was being laid for her to grow into the platinum haired meglomaniac LSH fans knew and (sorta) loved. That is, until the Legion's comic was cancelled.


#65: Magno

Name: Dyrk Magz
Powers: Magnetic manipulation
Joined: 1996

He joined for a hot second before getting depowered during a fight with Mordru and then moping out it for a few years. Remembered mostly for that.


#64: Nemesis Kid

Name: Hart Druiter
Powers: Power adaptation to defeat opponents
Joined: 1966

Being this high on the list might be controversial for an expelled member who later murdered the first Karate Kid, but that's precisely WHY Nemesis Kid is this high. The murder of Karate Kid was one of the defining moments for the Legion, leading to the creation of the (extremely awesome) Sensor Girl, amongst other things.


#63: Inferno II

Name: "Sandy Anderson" (an alias used...real name unknown)
Powers: Heat and light generation
Joined: 1996

It’s unclear whether Inferno, who was an antagonist that got trapped with the Legion in the 20th century, officially joined. Given she spent a year with them, we’re going to go with yes. She got her own mini-series after, one of the few Legionnaires to ever do so. Not to be confused with Sun Boy, who once called himself Inferno.


#62: Impulse

Name: Kent Shakespeare
Powers: Super strength, speed, invulnerability
Joined: 1990 (first mentioned)

Kent joined during the aforementioned five year gap, but he was a character we actually saw in the Legion's fourth volume. Despite advances in eye medicine in the 30th century, he still chose to wear glasses. Notable for a shirt that matched the pattern of Star Boy's 70s/80s costume.


#61: Neon

Name: Celeste Rockfish
Powers: Green Lantern powers, allowing her to create energy constructs
Joined: 1991

Celeste was the daughter of Legion enemy Leland McCauley. Unlike Ivanka Trump, Celeste did NOT support daddy and joined the Legion once her Green Lantern powers manifested.


#60: Reflex

Name: Devlin O'Ryan
Powers: Can reflect any attack back to its source
Joined: 1993

Devlin worked for the Daily Planet (apparently journalism survives the next thousand years) and joined the Legion after radiation triggered his powers. He was sort of an awkward, but genial, guy. A 30th century Jimmy Olsen, if you will.  He never really used the code name (but thankfully it didn't have "Boy" or "Lad" in it).


#59: Earth Man

Name: Kirt Niedrigh
Powers: Power absorption and duplication
Joined: 2010

Earth Man (formerly Absorbency Boy) was a former applicant who, in the Legion's fifth rebooted timeline, turned everyone on the planet against aliens. He was stopped, but forced to join the team by Earth's government for political reasons. He mostly still hated everyone, until he got a little nicer once he started sleeping with Shadow Lass and Brainiac 5 used science to make him less of a bigot.


#58: Karate Kid II

Name: Myg
Powers: Sonic emissions, plus one of the best fighters in the galaxy
Joined: 1993 (first mentioned)

Myg debuted in the 1980s as the successor to the original Karate Kid. He joined during the five year gap. He had a cool costume and always seemed to be meditating. 


#57: Porcupine Pete

Name: Peter Dursin
Powers: Can project porcupine like quills from his body
Joined: Unknown (joined during five year gap)

Porcupine Pete was a Legion of Substitute Heroes member who joined the big team during the unchronicled five-year gap. Like many of the Subs - a group of Legion rejects whose weird or uncontrolled powers caused problems - Pete eventually stepped up and became a critical factor in resisting the Earth-invading Dominators. 


#56: Comet Queen

Name: Grava
Powers: Flight, ability to survive in space, emission of noxious substance that could put people to sleep
Joined: 2011

A lot of people rank on Comet Queen, but I like her. Created in the 80s, she was the Legion equivalent of a Valley Girl that never quite grew out of phrases like “totally gravitated.” Actually, my love of everything 80s basically earns her this ranking.


#55: Spider Girl/Wave

Name: Sussa Paka
Powers: Super strong prehensile hair
Joined: 1994

A one-time villain, turned hero, turned villain again (long story), Spider Girl actually pre-dates the most well known hair hero, Medusa, by a full year. Somehow, no one ever thought to cut her hair in battle.


#54: Shikari

Name: Shikari Lonestar
Powers: Tracking, ability to generate bioarmor, flight
Joined: 2002

Sort of a Dawnstar 2.0, Shikari was introduced in the phenomenal Legion Lost mini-series when a bunch of Legionnaires ended up in another galaxy. Despite being really intelligent, she never bothered to learn anybody’s names, instead calling them “Green Legion” or whatnot.


#53: Chemical King

Name: Condo Arlik
Powers: Can catalyze chemical reactions
Joined: 1968

Chemical King is an oft-forgotten member who actually was on the team for nearly a decade. Despite this, his appearances were fleeting before he died in battle.


#52: Kono

Name: Brita An'nan
Powers: Mass shifting powers, allowing her to become intangible or super dense
Joined: 1990

Kono was from a matriarchal society and her mother was a pirate. She had a tight bond with Ultra Boy and Timber Wolf (when he was a giant furball thing called, surprisingly, Furball). She had a lot of spunk, took no guff and was tons of fun.


#51: Infectious Lass

Name: Drura Sepht
Powers: Ability to infect people with diseases
Joined: Unknown (during five year gap)

Infectious Lass' incredibly valuable, but highly volatile, power earned her entry into The Legion of Substitute Heroes. She eventually joined the big team, became a Dominator resistance freedom fighter AND started dating Invisible Kid II. Her 70s and 80s costume was the best because it looked like a combination of vomit and an acid trip.


#50: Monstress

Name: Candi Pyponte-LeParc III
Powers: Super strength, invulnerability
Joined: 1997

A gentle giant, Monstress played comic relief until the really great Legion Lost mini-series, where the true size of her heart shone through. She was just so damn likable and sweet, something not easy to convey on the page.

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