Every Member of the Legion of Super Heroes, Ranked: #49-1

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Jan 12, 2016, 4:52 PM EST

So, if you haven't figured it out by now, The Legion of Super Heroes have had a LOT of members. So many that our ranking of all of them had to be broken up in two parts our our back-end couldn't handle the server load. So if you are interested in part 1, you can click on over here. 

But if you only care about the biggest and the best, they are below (in our humble opinion - see Part 1 for ranking rules).

Oh, and Long Live the Legion.


#49: Kinetix

Name: Zoe Saugin
Powers: Able to control the molecular structure of objects
Joined: 1995

Kinetix’s look was constantly changing. First, she was humanoid. Then her quest for greater power turned her into an albino with a tail. Then she ended up evolving into a ten foot rock creature called a Terraformer. Then she died.


#48: Color Kid

Name: Ulu Vakk
Powers: Can change color of living and non-living things
Joined: Unknown (joined during five year gap)

Color Kid’s power may seem lame but, with training, it actually became really, really effective: Stopping Daxamites (who rely on a yellow sun for powers) by turning the sunlight red; stopping Green Lanterns by turning things yellow, of which they are powerless against; turning things black to blind opponents. His hairstyle is actually remarkable and something humans should try to emulate more.


#47: Magnetic Kid II

Name: Pol Krinn
Powers: Magnetic manipulation
Joined: 1985

Magnetic Kid was most notable for being Cosmic Boy’s kid brother, who used his sibling’s original costume as his own (until the Legion got outfits with giant shoulder pads in the late 80s). Sacrificed himself in the Magic Wars, which earns him the ranking.


#46: Rond Vidar

Name: Rond Vidar
Powers: Green Lantern abilities, allowing him to create green energy constructs
Joined: 1967

Rond Vidar was a longtime (as in, going back to the 60s) friend of the Legion that eventually got a Green Lantern ring. He’d hang out and adventure with them sometimes as a reserve member, but didn’t join full blown until shortly before the epic Legion of Three Worlds mini-series, where he bit it. Still, longetivity earns him his spot.


#45: Superboy II

Name: Connor Kent
Powers: Super strength, flight, invulnerability, speed, tactile telekinesis
Joined: 1995

It’s only fitting that the modern day equivalent of Superboy (in reality, a clone of Superman) would join the Legion. For a while, he was stuck in the future and actually donned the traditional blue and red outfit while with the team. 


#44: Kid Quantum II

Name: Jazmin Cullen
Powers: Ability to cast stasis fields (which stop time)
Joined: 1998

The first Kid Quantum’s kid sister, she joined the Legion and quickly became its leader. She was one of the most capable forces that ever guided the Legion, a strong mix of heart and logic. Plus, she had really cool powers.


#43: Chlorophyll Kid

Name: Ral Benem
Powers: Controls plant growth
Joined: Unknown (joined during five year gap)

A founding Legion of Substitute Heroes member who made it to the big leagues. Notable for being one of the few zaftig super heroes.


#42: Fire Lad

Name: Staq Mavlen
Powers: Fire breath
Joined: Unknown (joined during five year gap)

Another one of the Subs, Fire Lad eventually made good and joined the Legion before it disbanded pre “Five Years Later.” The Subs hold a special place in many fans’ hearts, hence his higher ranking despite not much actual time on the team.


#41: Stone Boy

Name: Dag Wentim
Powers: Can turn into stone, gaining strength and invulnerability
Joined: Unknown (joined during five year gap)

The third founding Sub, for years he could turn himself to stone – but not move his body. By the time he made it to the Legion, he mastered his power and could actually move!


#40: Night Girl

Name: Lydda Jath
Powers: Super strength, but only in the absence of light
Joined: 2008

Night Girl was another founding sub, who eventually joined the team. She married Cosmic Boy and often fought with him. It was cool whenever she'd use her powers with Shadow Lass. Possessed an exquisite beehive during her first two decades.


#39: Chameleon Girl

Name: Yera Allon
Powers: Shape shifting abilities
Joined: 2008

Chameleon Girl debuted in the early 80s as part of an awesome story where she impersonated Shrinking Violet on behalf of some radical political activists. She ended up marrying Colossal Boy and later joinedthe team, while showing a pantsuit can be a workable costume.


#38: Invisible Kid II

Name: Jacques Foccart
Powers: Invisiblity, teleportation
Joined: 1982

Invisible Kid was always sort of boring, notable because of his name and his Rogue inspired haircut. Despite later becoming President of Earth, he never did a whole lot except shout French expressions.


#37: XS

Real Name: Jenni Ognats
Powers: Super speed
Joined: 1994

A descendant of The Flash, and a cousin to super speedster Impulse, XS debuted when the Legion rebooted in 1994. She even time traveled and made her way to the late 2000’s retcon of the team. She was endearingly naïve and sweet, always unsure if she was good enough to be part of the Legion. She most certainly was.


#36: Andromeda

Name: Laurel Gand
Powers: Super strength, flight, invulnerability, heat vision, super speed
Joined: 1990

Following DC and Legion continuity being retconned due to editorial mandates that Supergirl never existed, Laurel became the substitute for Supergirl’s place in Legion adventures. She became more interesting when the Legion rebooted in 1994 and became a xenophobic terrorist (who later found God and became a nun). 


#35: Tellus

Name: Ganglios"
Powers: Telepathy and telekinesis
Joined: 1985

Tellus came from a world that was a giant sea of methane, necessitating him to wear a breathing mask. He’s notable for being, along with Quislet, the first non-humanoid member of the team. 


#34: Quislet

Name: It's unpronouncable 
Powers: Can animate inanimate objects
Joined: 1985

Quislet was awesome, and would honestly be in the top 5 if this list existed in only the vacuum of my mind. It (with Tellus) was the first non-humanoid member of the team, but Quislet took it to a new level – it was pure energy that lived in a tiny ship. It was tons of fun and basically just wanted to party all the time.


#33: Blok

Name: Blok
Powers: Super strength and invulnerability
Joined: 1981

Blok was once a misguided bad guy who saw the light. Despite his size, he was relatively young by his species’ standards. He was mellow and slow, sort of like Eeyore minus the chronic depression.


#32: Tyroc

Name: Troy Stewart
Powers: Sonic cry
Joined: 1976

Tyroc was the first black member of the team (and one of DC’s first black superheroes). Boy did the book get super political about it. In his initial run (which was kinda racist – read about it here), he was an angry racial separatist. His tenure was short and he was basically forgotten about for 20 years until remerging in the 90s. 


#31: Ferro Lad/Ferro

Name: Andrew Nolan
Powers: Can turn into iron, gaining super strength and invulnerability
Joined: 1966

Before a bunch of retcons, Ferro Lad was actually the first Legionnaire to die in battle. He wore a mask to hide a deformity, which must have been pretty bad because by the 30th century everyone was pretty liberal, appearance wise. 


#30: Gates

Name: Ti'julk Mr'asz
Powers: Teleportation
Joined: 1996

Gates was a huge fan favorite that debuted in the mid 90s reboot. He looked like a giant insect (don’t say that or he’ll call you a speciest) and was constantly pissed off. He was a radical political activist and thought the Legion was a political puppet through most of his run, making him endlessly entertaining.


#29: Supergirl

Name: Kara Zor-El
Powers: Super strength, flight, invulnerability, speed, heat vision
Joined: 1961

Despite the marquee name, Supergirl didn’t do a whole ton with the Legion except in the 60s. She made a long term return in Volume 5, when the book was renamed “Supergirl and the Legion of Super Heroes.”


#28: Bouncing Boy

Name: Chuck Taine
Powers: Could inflate himself and bounce
Joined: 1962

One of the more bizarre Legion powers, Bouncing Boy was a jolly fellow who knew his powers were weird. He won the girl when he married Duo Damsel. 


#27: Matter Eater Lad

Name: Tenzil Kem
Powers: Can eat and digest anything
Joined: 1962

The crown prince of ridiculous powers, eventually DC editorial got the concept of a dude that could eat anything was funny and made this a comedic character. A little used, but cool, element of his powers were that his spit was acidic.


#26: Polar Boy

Name: Brek Bannin
Powers: Cold projection, allowing him to create and form ice
Joined: 1985

Polar Boy always really, REALLY wanted to be a Legion member. When he was rejected, he formed the Legion of Substitute Heroes, until he finally made the big team in 1985. He eventually became its leader and took his duties more seriously than most.


#25: Karate Kid I

Name: Val Armorr
Powers: None, but the best fighter in the galaxy
Joined: 1966

Karate Kid – whose name was trademarked BTW, so the movie had to get the rights from DC – held his own despite not having super powers. He even could take Superboy in a fight. He was notable for being married to Princess Projectra and getting killed by Nemesis Kid. 


#24: Invisible Kid I

Name: Lyle Norg
Powers: Invisibility
Joined: 1960

During his time in the 1960s, Invisible Kid was a constant, but not noteworthy presence, until he was killed by Validus. When the Legion rebooted in 1994, he became a major player, showing he was one of the saaviest members of the team.


#23: Shadow Lass/Umbra

Name: Tasmia Mallor
Powers: Can cast darkfields
Joined: 1968

For most of her time, Shadow Lass was known for having blue skin, wearing a bikini and being Mon-El’s lady friend. When the Legion rebooted in 1994, her character became a total bitch and was awesome. Sometimes her powers show her being able to solidify the shadows she casts, but that’s never consistent.


#22: White Witch/Black Witch/Jewel

Name: Mysa Nal
Powers: Spellcasting
Joined: 1982

The White Witch was always having some sort of relationship drama with Mordru, the Legion’s main magic baddie. She was very dramatic and preferred off the shoulder numbers, but became infinitely cooler when she sucked Mordru’s magic and became the Black Witch.


#21: Sun Boy/Inferno I

Name: Dirk Morgna
Powers: Heat and flame generation
Joined: 1961

Sun Boy was the douchey fratboy of the Legion, but like many douchey fratboys, was kind of endearing. Notable for having a gorgeous mullet in the 90s.


#20: Colossal Boy/Micro Lad/Leviathan

Name: Gim Allon
Powers: Increases height
Joined: 1960

A nice Jewish boy who had one of the longest, uninterrupted tenures in the Legion. He was killed early in the 1994 reboot, which still remains a surprising twist. In Volume 5 of the series, it was explained he was a giant whose power was to shrink.



#19: Star Boy

Name: Thom Kallor
Powers: Can increase gravity
Joined: 1961

Star Boy was ho-hum for years, mostly being Dream Girl’s boyfriend and having facial hair. He ended up as part of the JSA cast in the 2000s, where he was revealed as time displaced and afflicted with schizophrenia (which 30th century medicine had cured).


#18: Dawnstar/Bounty

Name: Dawnstar
Powers: Tracking ability, flight, ability to survive in space
Joined: 1977

Arguably one of the first Native American superheroes (Apache Chief doesn’t count), Dawnstar was a tough cookie who earned respect in the Legion despite non battle-friendly powers. Her starcrossed love story with Wildfire was a mainstay of the Legion books.


#17: Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel/Duplicate Damsel

Name: Lournu Durgo
Powers: Can create duplicates of herself
Joined: 1961

Once the first of Triplicate Girl’s bodies were killed, she became the Legionnaire you rooted for (this only increased when the second of her bodies bit the dust. Her whisper of "Not again" right after it happened is one of the most haunting panels in Legion history). With one of the most fascinating powers, she made up for her tragedies in a big way – eventually she could duplicate endless versions of herself.


#16: Element Lad/Alchemist/Mystery Lad

Name: Jan Arrah
Powers: Can transmute elements
Joined: 1963

Element Lad was one of the most powerful Legionnaires. For decades, it was rumored he was gay, perhaps because of his William Katt haircut (gay rumors surround effete DC Comics characters with this hairdo, see Jericho).


#15: Chameleon Boy/Chameleon

Name: Reep Daggle
Powers: Shape shifting
Joined: 1960

Chameleon Boy was the son of Legion funder RJ Brande, and it was through him we got the most powerful stories exploring intolerance, as many were distrustful of his race’s shapeshifting abilities.


#14: Lightning Lass/Light Lass/Gossamer/Pulse/Spark

Name: Ayla Ranzz
Powers: Lightning generation
Joined: 1963

For a good portion of her run, Ayla lived in her brother Lightning Lad's shadow or had gravity nullifying powers (which were actually interesting, but one day editorial decided they were lame, so most of the characters referred to them as lame). When Ayla was kidnapped in the third series, she progressively got more kick ass. Despite rumors for decades, it wasn't until recently that her relationship with Shrinking Violet was confirmed. Also she gets props for the most codenames. 


#13: Phantom Girl/Phase/Apparition

Name: Tinya Wazzo
Powers: Intangibility
Joined: 1961

Phantom Girl was a likable presence until the 1994 reboot when she (and her relationship with Ultra Boy) became totally root for. That version of Tinya's also notable for dying, coming back as a ghost, finding out she had two duplicates, merging with one (we still don't know where the other one is) ALL while cleaning up the giant continuity mess that is the character of Phase. Notable for working her bellbottoms so long they came back in style.


#12: Timber Wolf

Name: Brin Londo
Powers: Super strength, agility, speed
Joined: 1968

The characterization of Brin as having an aggressive, animal side has been inconsistent (although he did once morph into a full blown creature and was called "Furball"). What HAS been consistent is his portrayal as a big softie at heart. He was also from a planet called Zuun, which is amazing and always reminded me of Zoony the Lazoon from Fireball X-L 5. 


#11: Wildfire/NRG/E.R.G-1

Name: Drake Burroughs
Powers: Energy projection
Joined: 1974

Poor Wildfire was once a man that became energy which could only be contained in a suit. This means he could never touch his girlfriend Dawnstar without burning her (Take THAT tragic love story, Gambit and Rogue)! Mostly that was his consistent arc, but it was super sad. 


#10: Dream Girl/Dreamer

Name: Nura Nal
Powers: Precognition
Joined: 1964

Dream Girl was all about being underestimated. Her statuesque look and non-aggressive power (although sometimes she was being written as being able to see seconds in the future, thus anticipating an opponents moves) belied a brilliant mind and adept fighter. She was sort of arrogant too, which is great.


#9: Sensor Girl/Princess Projectra/Sensor

Name: Projectra
Powers: Illusion casting
Joined: 1966

Sensor Girl was AWESOME. Awesome origin (spoiled princess turned bad ass after the death of her true love), awesome powers (illusion casting, but used in interesting ways, such as giving someone the "illusion" that they can't see) and an awesome costume. "Who is Sensor Girl?" is still one of the best Legion stories ever. Honestly, she'd be higher on the list if the 1994 reboot didn't turn her into a goodie-two-shoes snake (like, literally a snake).


#8: Ultra Boy/Emerald Dragon

Name: Jo Nah
Powers: Super strength, speed, invulnerability, x-ray vision but only can use one at a time
Joined: 1962

The Legion usually gets new costumes every ten years or so, but Ultra Boy hung onto his for nearly three decades, which is sort of remarkable. Ultra Boy was a street thug whose smarts were always underestimated (see the 1990 Annual, where he single handledly saved the universe by tricking Mordru and Glorith into a war) and whose relationship with Phantom Girl was wonderfully consistent, no matter the timeline.


#7: Shrinking Violet/Leviathian/Virus/Atom Girl

Name: Salu Digby
Powers: Can shrink
Joined: 1961

Violet started shy and blossomed into a warrior. After an early 80s storyline had her kidnapped by radicals and replaced by Chameleon Girl, she emerged a transformed woman - confident, a tad aggressive, but mistress of her own density. She was one of the earliest and highest profile queer characters whose relationship with Lightning Lass was FINALLY allowed to be acknowledged. Notable for looking good with short and long hair, which isn't easy.


#6: Lightning Lad/Live Wire

Name: Garth Ranzz
Powers: Electrical generation
Joined: 1958

One of the founding three, Lightning Lad remains at the Legion’s core. If Saturn Girl was the head, and Cosmic Boy the heart of the Legion, Lightning Lad was the body – impulsive, energetic and full of life.


#5: Mon-El/M'onel/Valor

Name: Lar Gand
Powers: Super strength, invulnerability, flight, speed, heat vision
Joined: 1962

When Superboy needed to be taken out of the equation because of editorial mandates, Mon-El became the Legion inspiration. Despite lots of rewrites (including a stint where he was called "Valor") he's always been a 20th century transplant that the Legion looked up to and one of its most powerful members. Note: No matter how many times the Legion is rebooted, Mon-El will always make his entrance from being stuck in the phantom zone.


#4: Superboy

Name: Clark Kent
Powers: Super strength, flight, speed, invulnerability, heat vision
Joined: 1958

He’s the whole reason the Legion exists in the first place, and was the central character for the first 20 years. Respect is due.


#3: Cosmic Boy/Polestar

Name: Rokk Krinn
Powers: Magnetic manipulation
Joined: 1958

Another of the founders, Cosmic Boy is undoubtedly the soul of the Legion. Moral, upstanding and just, he tried to do the right thing even if it wasn’t easy. 


#2: Brainiac 5/Brainiac 5.1/B-5

Name: Querl Dox
Powers: Super intelligence
Joined: 1961

Brainy’s cold, aloof manner was the by product of his sterile upbringing and extreme intelligence. But underneath the constant condescension, he cared about his teammates. He’s also the funniest Legionnaire, hands down.


#1: Saturn Girl

Name: Imra Ardeen
Powers: Telepathy
Joined: 1958

The only female founder, Saturn Girl has been at the center of the Legion in every incarnation. Her character is an endless wellspring of complexity – maternal, caring and romantic but forced to keep others at a distance for myriad reasons, mostly notably self protection (being a telepath is hard). Saturn Girl’s made tough, complex choices during her 58 years that were always surprising.  Also, for most the 70s her costume was a pink bikini she wore in space which makes zero sense and thus is a kind of fierce that earns you the #1 slot.