Deadly Flying Sphere from Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead

Every Robert Kurtzman SFX piece you wish you could own is now up for auction

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May 31, 2018

Ever wanted to own a piece of Army of Darkness or Wishmaster? What about the starfish being used for genetic experiments in the opening credits of Hulk? Or those creepy cherub busts from The Haunting?

Now you possibly can, if you get your claws on something from Hanlin’s Hollywood Memorabilia’s massive online auction.

This might be the most epic auction of all time for Kurtzman fans. Next to props ranging from the mildly scary to the all-out terrifying are concept sketches and pitch models from Wishmaster, Tales From the Darkside, The Mist, The Rage, From Dusk Till Dawn and Children of the Night, as well as spider-bugs, zombies, and other creatures that spawned from the bottomless pit of Kurtzman’s imagination. There are so many Djinn you could easily have a chance of one haunting your place, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Doug Jones' mask and hands from The Bye Bye Man

Credit: Hanlin's Hollywood Memorabilia

While Kurtzman did makeup FX for the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, if you want something really freaky that nobody will recognize as easily as Freddy (even in their dreams), the gnarly silicone masks and hands worn by Doug Jones in box-office flop The Bye Bye Man are also lurking in there — let’s just say that fish suit from The Shape of Water was a major upgrade.

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 12.11.16 AM

Credit: Hanlin’s Hollywood Memorabilia

Besides Wishmaster, Kurtzman’s lesser-known Wes Craven collab is the sci-fi nightmare Junk, which was never filmed. The concept is crawling with many-legged bug-cars that look like someone merged the vehicles with spider DNA. A spaceship bug actually exists.

Deadly Flying Sphere from Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead

Credit: Hanlin’s Hollywood Memorabilia

Among the more coveted pieces is the Deadly Flying Sphere from Phantasm III: Lord of the Deadwhich can’t actually impale your victims and drain the blood from their veins but still look menacing enough on your mantelpiece.

Evil Dead lunchbox signed by Robert Kurtzman

Credit: Hanlin's Hollywood Memorabilia

Did you have childhood fantasies of carrying around a signed Army of Darkness or Evil Dead lunchbox? Those are in there too. Seriously. The Evil Dead one even comes with a thermos.

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