Every Star Trek doctor collides in the latest comic special: Flesh and Stone

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Apr 16, 2014, 2:57 PM EDT (Updated)

You'd think something that could be described as "The Six Doctors" would be Who-related. But in this case ...

When you look at the many casts of Star Trek over each franchises, there are a few common threads. One such thread is that most of the doctors are pretty great. But bringing them all together at once for their very own story? Sounds impossible, doesn't it? Dammit, Jim, they're doctors not, well, Doctors, if you catch my meaning.

And yet, it's just been announced that a brand-new Star Trek special comic called Flesh and Stone will unite McCoy, Crusher, Polaski, Bashir, the Doctor (from Voyager, that is) and Phlox for the very first time.

Yes, really. Here's the summary:

When a lethal metamorphic virus strikes a Starfleet medical conference, Doctors Beverly Crusher, Julian Bashir, Katherine Pulaski and the EMH join forces -- with assists from Dr. Leonard McCoy and Dr. Phlox -- to save the day. 

What's really interesting, though, is the story of how this idea came to be. Right now, there are 30 teams cerebrally duking it out in the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE international competition. The goal is for the teams to develop a mobile device that acts as much like an actual tricorder as possible (diagnose illnesses, check standard health metrics, et cetera). 

The book will team up previous IDW Trek scribes Scott and David Tipton. Scott points out that "There aren’t very many ‘firsts’ left in the world of Star Trek," adding, "So when IDW and XPRIZE came to us with the opportunity to team up all six of Trek’s doctors for the first time, how could we say no?"

As for how all the doctors will span the (sometimes) centuries for this team-up, David plays coy, saying only, "How does it happen? You’ll just have to wait and see …"

So ... the Doctor (the Who one) will lend a hand, then? He has been in a Star Trek comic before, written by Scott Tipton, even. Or it could just be one of those pesky space/time distortions, if you want to be less fun about it.

Regardless of how it happens, this is a really interesting premise and certainly has the honor of never being tried before. Let's hope it works out well.


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