Everybody chill: Milo Manara isn't being banned from Marvel over that Spider-Woman cover

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Sep 26, 2014, 1:48 PM EDT (Updated)

There's been a lot of hoopla over Milo Manara's variant cover of Spider-Woman #1. But this, hopefully, is where it ends.

If you're a big comic fan, you are probably familiar with the work of artist Milo Manara. If you aren't, let me catch you up -- he's great. However, he tends toward more adult fare. Ya know, erotic stuff, naked women and such. And there's nothing inherently wrong with that. He's usually great with anatomy and style.

So when he was hired to do a variant cover for the upcoming Spider-Woman #1 (which was ostensibly being pitched at female readers), it came as a surprise. His work is, arguably, not quite right for the material:

However you may feel about this cover in or out of context, it's probably fair to say it is not Manara's finest work to date. And the response to it, overwhelmingly, was very negative. People did not dig this cover for Jessica Drew.

That's your background.

The meat of this story, though, boils down to Manara's future with Marvel. Prior to the Spider-Woman backlash, Manara was commissioned to do variant covers for Thor #1 which features the new, female Thor, as well as Avengers & X-Men Axis #1. Afterward, however, Manara's contributions slipped to later issues, and then off the radar entirely.

And thus a mini #ComicGate was born. People assumed Marvel was censoring Manara and that he was being denied work because of what some considered to be an unfair backlash over one variant cover.

Well, thank goodness for Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool for bringing some much-needed fact checking to these proceedings. He reached out to Marvel directly to see what was what, and it turns out Spider-Woman has jack squat to do with Manara's change in schedule. What's actually happening is that Manara is focusing his attentions toward his new graphic novel, La Caravage, about the life Italian artist Caravaggio. 

Marvel, understanding how passionate and focused on this project Manara is, was happy to let him do covers for those two titles further down the line, after he's reached a natural stopping point on Le Caravage.

And, sure, speculation, it probably isn't a bad idea to let this controversy blow over a bit. It's not as though there will never be another work of comic art that comes across as objectifying to women, sadly.

The bottom line is this -- Milo Manara has not been censored. So if you were angry that he was, ya know...don't be.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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