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Looking for ways to incorporate your fandom into wardrobe, but not sure how? The Nerdy Girlie will show you how to everyday cosplay like a true fashionista. 

In Allegiant, Tris (Shailene Woodley) must escape with Four (Theo James) to journey far beyond the wall that encloses the only city they’ve ever known, Chicago, in order to find peace. Once outside the wall, Tris learns startling new truths. A ruthless battle threatens humanity, and Tris and Four must quickly decide who to trust in order to survive the war.

Each faction is vastly different, not only in their ideology, but also in their aesthetic. The clothes they wear are more than just uniforms; they're an expression of the core values they hold dear. Are you a Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, Candor or Amity? Show your allegiance by taking some fashion cues from your favorite faction, or mix it up depending on your mood that day.  Check out my faction-inspired looks for Divergent. 




Even in the midst of a civil war, fashion stays on point. Behind the wall in Chicago, black is the uniform for Tris and her comrades in the faction Dauntless. Once Tris crosses over to the other side, pure white masks the dark secrets hidden in a humanity she longs to unite with. Tris sports some super -hic black fashion prior to leaving the walls of Chicago. Fashion and function is Tris’s game, which translates well to the modern wardrobe. Black is the easiest color to wear and should be prominent in every woman’s closet. Not only is it slimming; it is chic as all get out! Wearing all black, you can rock out at a concert, add a bright, bold jewelry for work, or pop on some fun heels for a brunch date with your lady squad! Black is a basic staple that should be the foundation of any wardrobe but don’t let it drown you. Feel playful by adding a BIG or small pop of color with your accessories.





Jil Sander short dress


Short dress
$96 -


Collared shirt
$6.89 -


Oasis sleeveless shirt
$36 -


Zizzi straight jacket
$100 -


City Chic stretch jeans


Skinny jeans


Sunsteps black flat


Black booties



Essie nail polish
$13 -





Erudite are the faction that values logic over everything else. Are you a go-getting girl boss? If so, it is only logical to take your everyday cosplay to work. A classic tailored look like this will bring out your scholarly side and make you shine. Wide pants with a fitted blouse help balance out any look. Two wides do not make a right. Black flats keep you comfy on your feet all day. Top off the long with a long structured coat for these unpredictable Spring days.



Backless blouse
$6.89 -


Miss Selfridge long grey jacket






Abnegation is the faction that values the needs of others above the needs of one's self. Members of Abnegation take over the public services in the city and blend in by wearing all grey. Do you like to make others feel good and help out where needed? Then do yourself a public service and give monochrome grey a chance, just like the members of Abnegation. Grey can be sleek in the same shade or even as an ombre effect. This outfit of comfy basics everyone should have in their closet already, combines effortless chic with a touch of city cool.



Acne Studios cotton tee
$130 -


Dark grey jacket




Christian dior glasses
$910 -




With the faction Candor, everything in life is black or white. Honesty is their favorite virtue. If you are not afraid to be brutally honest, then show it with some bold black and white patterns like those worn by Candor. Black pants are always chic and slimming. Layer in a basic white shirt, my go-to top, and you have an outfit that can carry you confidently anywhere. Complete the look with a funky bold black accessories like a big necklace or a fringe bag.




MANGO white tee


Vegan coat


Topshop distressed skinny jeans
$65 -


Suede ankle boots
$47 -


Fringe crossbody


First People First necklace
$400 -


Le Specs uv protection sunglasses
$51 -


Essie nail polish
$12 -



The Amity faction is all about living happy, spreading kindness and harmony to those around them. What better way to spread a fashion statement? The Amity’s uniform of choice represents this to a T, bringing in bright and happy reds and yellows. These colors are perfect for the upcoming spring season. Dresses in bright, cheerful colors will help lift your mood. Layer on some colorful accessories, including bold necklaces, large sunglasses, and vivid shoes, to complete the look, letting your happiness spread to others and yourself throughout the day.




Red cocktail dress


J Crew white dress



Tory Burch leather flat



Fendi round glasses


Cheeky nail polish
$10 -



So, which faction are you? Each faction’s color schemes are easily matched up with anything in your current wardrobe. Come back next time when I share with you how to take the new Wonder Woman fashion from Batman vs. Superman from the screen to the street.


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