Everyday Cosplay: Team Cap or Team Iron Man

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May 26, 2016, 5:04 PM EDT

We all have those friends. We love them, we disagree with them, but at the end of the day, we are always on the same team. Differences in opinions are not just for mere mortals; Even superheroes have their hardships. And when super egos all gather in one room together things can get super out of hand, arguments arise and friendships are tested.

Captain America: Civil War is still dominating since it hit theaters on May 6th. If you haven't seen it yet ( and why not?), we see the Avengers and friendships torn apart as friends battle friends. But who will win in this battle of fashion?

Captain America is the classic American gentleman. Iron Man, a cocky and fashionable man of the millennium. Which are you? Let’s dissect their looks to find out!





Yumi slimming summer dress
$95 - houseoffraser.co.uk


John Lewis cold weather tight
$15 - johnlewis.com


Studded sandals
$50 - yoins.com



Vera Bradley metallic scarf




Essie nail polish



Up first the movie’s namesake, The Captain, who's taking it back to the old school with classic cuts and national pride. For women, nothing is more classic than an A-line skirt and red lips. Navy blue is as close to black as you can get if you are afraid of a bit of color. Belt that waist to define your shape. Adding a bit of silver sparkle helps freshen up the look and creates a polish to your patriotic ensemble.





Levi's levi mens jeans



Nixon men's watch


Allegra K men's long sleeve shirt
$16 - amazon.co.uk


Givenchy men s accessory


The Banana Republic men s accessory


Men s accessory


Men's eyeglass


Men: Do you think baggy is better? Think again! Hiding your figure under large clothing has the same effect as it does on women. It’s unflattering! Start with a nice dark straight leg jean, not too tight, not to loose. Try just tucking in the front of your tee behind the belt. The belt helps define your waist, same as the ladies, but don’t completely tuck in your shirt! The classic peacoat looks great on everyone and will never go out of style. Add a dash of Cap’s red with a fun watch.


No one is as effortlessly cool as Tony Stark, whether he' out and about as himself, or his alter ego, Iron Man. No matter, though; both have style! 




Mavi men's twill pants





Ray-Ban men's sunglasses
$215 - coggles.com





Guys, you ready for a style challenge!? Dare to be as confident and stylish as Stark in your head-to-toe red look. Keep the classic, straight leg pants and pair with a comfy tee. Take your style up a notch with these fancy shoes. Top off the look with movie star gold shades that Tony would be proud of, and the gold circular watch that takes the place of the necklace in our women’s look. 





Steve Madden short boots



Ray-Ban sunglasses
$185 - selfridges.com


Ladies, we saw Pepper rock the Iron Man suit, so we obviously have an Iron Woman look that's just as fierce! Dressing in one color from head to toe can be hard to pull off, but if you have the confidence of Stark, you can do it, too. Top off the look with a simple gold circular necklace. Be happy it is a fashion statement and not a lifesaving device!


Either look you choose, you are sure to impress. Which style will you choose?

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