Everyday Cosplay: Wonder Woman, Batman, & Superman

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Mar 29, 2016, 5:24 PM EDT

The excitement is palpable, nerds. Wonder Woman is finally hitting the big screen! We’ll have to wait until June 2017 for her to get her starring role, but we can celebrate her coming-out party now with her role in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, which hit theaters Friday, March 25.

Two years ago Superman laid waste to the city of Metropolis during his battle with Zod. The devastation left in his wake has left people outraged and feeling desperate. One of those people is billionaire Bruce Wayne. He sets out on a personal vendetta to rid the Earth of Superman once and for all.

But The Bat isn't the only one lurking around Metropolis. Wonder Woman's cameo in BvS has been a high point for fans and critics, making her standalone film in 2017 even more anticipated.

Wonder Woman shines through in her classic red, blue and gold. Her signature style makes it easy to add a patriotic punch to any outfit while still keeping you comfortable in your own personal style.


Everyday Wonder Woman 

Let’s start on top, shall we?




Red mini dress


Oversized tshirt dress
$1.42 -



WithChic red peplum top
$30 -


Long sleeve pullover


H M curved hem tee
$11 -



Purple handkerchief



Keds knit beanie hat


Maybelline lipstick
$18 -



Red is my favorite color to wear. It is so rich and royal, just like Wonder Women! Pick your favorite red top: casual, cozy or chic. Don’t be afraid to add in a red lip with your favorite red top. Keep yourselves warm on the still chilly Spring days with either a hat or a scarf.




Lands End pleated skirt


Levi's distressed jeans
$145 -


MSGM wide leg pants


M Missoni skinny jeans
$290 -


Skinny jeans
$25 -


Sam Edelman fringe boots


Vans blue shoes



The easiest part of this look! Everyone has their favorite pair of blue jeans! Slip those on and we are almost there. Want challenge? Try a blue skirt, tights or shoes. All of which could easily take your movie premiere look into the office on Monday.

Now sprinkle in all that gold!





Topshop party bag
$20 -


Brooks Brothers bracelet



Michael Kors gold watch
$230 -


Gorjana ring


Eddie Borgo earrings jewelry
$100 -


Cuff bracelet
$6.16 -


Gold earrings


Charlotte Russe yellow gold ring


Bling Jewelry golden ring


Agent 18 tech accessory
$29 -


Vivienne Westwood retro sunglasses
$240 -


A touch here and there will really drive home your Wonder Woman theme. I love a good gold earring and am super crazy about rings at the moment. But if you can find a couple of amazing gold bracelets, everyone who is nerdy enough will totally get your inspiration.


Ready to put it all together?!




Cameo Rose crop top
$8.63 -


LE3NO circle skirt


Red flat




Topshop hair accessory


Insert your favorite red top, a bold blue bottom and your gold accessories of choice and you are ready to rock the theater runway.

Think your significant other can’t do Everyday Cosplay? Think again. Superman might be the easiest way to get your man “dress up” with you.


Everyday Superman



Jacob Cohёn mens blue jeans


The North Face mens jacket
$240 -


New balance mens shoes
$140 -



His favorite comfy red shirt and his best blue jeans. Voila! Easy peasy. Now if he’s ready to go to the extreme get him a touch of yellow with a hoodie and some bold red shoes.

Not a color person? Don’t worry! I have you covered with a little Everyday Cosplay Batman look.

Everyday Batman



Loose t shirt


Relaxfeel cape coat



Short black boots


Noir ring


Bohemia cotton shawl
$69 -


Uv protection glasses


Essie nail polish
$13 -


Holiday decoration





Columbia mens 5 pocket pants



ZIIIRO mens analog watch
$115 -


Banana republic mens shirt



AllSaints mens beanie hat


Holiday decoration


Batman loves classic black and to be honest, I’ve found myself sporting black more than any other color lately. Pair in a touch of grey to break up your all black look and if you are feeling really bold top off your look with a touch of old school Batman symbol yellow. This look can easily be accomplished by men or women! Guys switch the flowy jacket for a black hoodie or a classic leather jacket.

On Friday I’ll be dressed in my finest red, blue and gold. What team will you choose?! Have you planned out your look ahead like me? I can’t help but plan everything. And have a backup plan as well in my Batman look. Share with me how you’ll be celebrating Wonder Women this weekend in the comments below! Catch Wonder Woman in Batman Vs. Superman in theaters on Friday March 25th.

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