Everyone calm down: That Aunt May spinoff movie isn't happening

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Nov 12, 2014

It's no secret that Sony Pictures is looking to build its own little superhero movie universe with the characters that make up its Spider-Man film franchise. Films starring Venom and the Sinister Six have already been announced, and rumors of future films starring female characters like Black Cat have persisted. Sony doesn't have much of the Marvel Comics stable up its sleeve, but it's very clear the studio is looking to exploit the box-office potential of whatever it does have.

That makes sense, considering the success other studios are having with interconnected superhero flicks these days, but it didn't make much sense to anyone when a report surfaced yesterday claiming that one of Sony's developing Spidey spinoffs is a film that would follow Peter Parker's Aunt May (played by Oscar winner Sally Field in the current movie continuity) as a young woman involved in "some sort of espionage story." The rumored film would've taken a character best known for worrying over her secret-identity-bearing nephew and dropped her into a kind of "classier Agent Carter" scenario. It sounded crazy, but given how far Sony seems willing to go to make a Spider-Man universe on the big screen, it seemed just crazy enough to be real.

Well, apparently it's not. Last night a representative for Sony told Comic Book Resources that the young Aunt May superspy report is "a silly rumor" that has "no validity whatsoever." That's not surprising, but as AICN's Jeremy Smith noted yesterday, Sony's still on the hunt for Spider-Man spinoffs, so we might hear even weirder stuff in the future. 

So the Aunt May spinoff flick isn't real. Now, let's all get back to talking about the Spider-Man related project that really matters: J. Jonah Jameson: The Movie

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