Everyone's off the grid in the Orphan Black season 5 premiere

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Jun 10, 2017, 11:02 PM EDT (Updated)

Spoiler Warning: If you haven't seen the Season 5 premiere of Orphan Black or don't want to know what happened, turn away now. Or, y'know, go watch and come back so we can talk about it.

Before I discuss anything, did anyone else catch the phone number on the matchbook Sarah was using? It blipped across the screen and then she burned Kira's picture instead of the matchbook, so I need to know if it's been brought up and I'm just not remembering. Now, with that out of the way, let's get to talking about The Few Who Dare

The season 4 finale left everyone (clone and viewer alike) wondering what happened and how they were going to find their way back to each other. The season 5 premiere picks up where we left off. Sarah's lost on the island, Cosima's been reunited with Delphine and she has Charlotte with her, Allison, Donnie, and Helena are up in the mountains, and Rachel...well, Rachel's about to meet the one and only PT Westmorland after having taken the cure.

This is the episode where we learn just how far Neolution is willing to go and how far their reach extends. Now we know the Leda and Castor clones were one small part of a larger project to attain the unattainable, aka immortality. It's bad enough that there was this whole cloning project, but the idea that PT Westmorland is a) 170 years old and b) willing to do anything to extend his life is a good indicator what he doesn't care who gets hurt or dies if it serves his larger purpose. Then there's the whole new level of creepy that is Revival. I don't know about you, but I got a serious Jonestown vibe off that place.

Usually, I'd recap the events in the episode as they happen, but there are some bigger themes and questions here and where they all end up seems much more important than how they all get there. It also leaves a lot of questions, so let's skip the usual this time if you'll indulge me.

Out of the frying pan.

Cosima's been reunited with Delphine, but there are still a lot of questions. What is Revival? What is Delphine doing for them and what has she found? And what's Cosima supposed to follow along with? She's also being led around by a child of PT Westmorland (literal child?) who goes by the name of Mud (Jenessa Grant). Mud's an interesting dichotomy. She's all sunshine but then she goes and says something like "you're not going to be allowed to do that" in her singsongy voice that just felt wrong. Basically, Cosima's a prisoner with privileges, not a guest. 

Into the fire.

Sarah's journey to find Cosima has her crossing paths with some sort of man/creature/beast and it's dangerous. From the look of the carcasses it leaves behind, it's evolving in some unexpected way. Is this one of Westmorland's experiments gone awry? Much of Sarah's storyline in this episode is about getting her from point A to point B. And when she finally finds Cosima, Cosima doesn't want to leave. How much do you think it galls Sarah to have done everything she can to get Cosima off that island only to end up back with Rachel?


It's no surprise that Rachel has wrangled herself a special place in the Neolution hierarchy or that she's choosing to speak for Westmorland, but her shift from wanting to kill the clones to wanting to help them is hard to accept. Why does she seem so oddly serene all of a sudden? I'd love to believe she's had some massive change of heart, but I'm betting helping Cosima with the cure is more about advancing her own agenda than helping Cosima.

Wild Thing x Soccer Mom x Donnie

First off, does anyone feel like these three need their own sitcom? The three of them together is such a fascinating dynamic. Plus, I love Donnie so so much. Whatever Allison or Helena need at that moment, is what he is for them and he still manages to be his own complete person on top of that. Of course, as hard as he tries, it goes awry. The morning starts out like any other morning in a lean-to in the woods and then Donnie's running off and leaving Allison to get snatched before then running into Helena who then gets jumped and ends up with a stick in her belly for her trouble.


So Many Questions:

What's the Fountain? Are we talking about a new Fountain of Youth? Or is it that Jonestown grape Flavor-Aid sort of thing?

Neoloution has also gotten to Art. He's playing along for now, but will it last? And yo have to admit, there's something not quite right about Detective Engers (Elyse Levesque). That shift from "about to shoot Art" to "Okay, I believe you." was...interesting.

What's in Sardinia and why is Delphine going there?

How is little Aisha connected to Rachel and Neolution's agenda? Why did Delphine take a page from her medical records?

Where the hell are Kira and Mrs. S.? 


Random thoughts:

Donnie and Helena's loon calls are the absolute best. 

I wish I could give Ira the benefit of the doubt. Not only do I not trust the Castor clones, but he's so...something. I don't even know.

Between the Revival storybook and Mud's cult-like fascination, I can't help but wonder what we're going to see next week. Will we meet Westmorland? Is he really alive? 

"Have stick in baby". Is it bad that I laughed before I winced?


Whatever's coming, there's a bright side. Clone Club is going to be back in session soon, even if it's by force.

See you next week and don't forget your Wellies.


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