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Everything is now in this exclusive clip from the 12 Monkeys series finale

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Mar 12, 2019, 2:03 PM EDT (Updated)

When the 12 Monkeys series finale airs tonight on SYFY, fans across the country will finally learn the fate of the characters, the world, and time itself. But, like The Witness, we can give you a glimpse of the future with this exclusive clip from the 12 Monkeys series finale.

Last week, we learned Olivia (Alisen Down) finally completed the process needed to use Titan for its true purpose: creating the Red Forest. As The Witness, Olivia has promised her cult of followers (and herself) a world created by the Hartle-Hawking State, a world where time itself has been paradoxed so completely that everything, every person/place/thing/moment, comes to an end simultaneously and the only ones safe from the destruction will be those within Titan.

Olivia's goal and The Witness' promise is a bubble that exists outside of time. A bubble in which she and her followers can be safe from the destruction of time but also view every moment of time at once and, in essence, choose any moments they like and live them over and over again.

In this exclusive clip from the 12 Monkeys series finale, The Witness reveals that her promise is almost fulfilled. A state where any moment, every moment, is now.

Can Cole and Cassie stop Olivia before it's too late? Will Hannah's sacrifice be for nothing? Will Deacon's? Can Jones and Jennifer figure out a way to remove James Cole from all of time? And if they do, what happens to him? To all of them? Showrunner Terry Matalas has promised that the series finale will exceed your expectations. So prepare yourself.

The 12 Monkeys series finale is just hours away and nothing will ever be the same.