Everything in the town is friendly, even the fire, on the latest episode of Wayward Pines

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Jul 14, 2016, 7:47 AM EDT


Previously on Wayward Pines ... Margaret, the abby leader, kills Megan Fisher and then escapes. Very slowly.

Now on Wayward Pines ...Margaret is still escaping very slowly, but at least she has a plan, which is more than can be said for the residents of Wayward Pines.

Did someone at Wayward Pines join Soul Cycle? Because we sure are spinning wheels here! BOOM. Nailed 'em.


- Megan Fisher is dead and Margaret is on the loose, which adds up to chaos in Wayward Pines. Jason is assembling an army, Xander is also assembling an army, and Margaret's army is waiting for her outside of Wayward Pines. What could go wrong?

- Well, Xander's militia and Jason's Hitler Youth could, oh I dunno, somehow confuse each other for abbies and open fire. Which happens. And then a no-namer dies.

- Did you forget that Xander and Rebecca Yedlin not!MD were still together? They are. And, apparently Rebecca is pregnant with Xander's baby but is uncertain about which dude is gonna be her dude for the last few seconds humanity still exists. But then Xander shoots Margaret in the hand and he and Rebecca make out a bunch. Sure.

- Doctor Theo Yedlin MD tells Kerry that because of her abby injury she can't have babies. She swallows her sadness until Jason reveals that he's got a secret bunker for her and Kerry to hide while everyone else dies so they can be Adam and Eve Oops, can't do that without babies. Guess we ought to stick with my original plan of letting Arlene ride Doctor Theo Yedlin MD into the sunset. I mean ride off into the sunset. I meant the first thing.

- Adam Hassler hangs out with some abbies who don't kill him for some reason? I guess he's in a Jungle Book situation, maybe?

- And we end on Margaret remembering that Pilcher and the rest of humanity killed her family. So ... humanity is boned and kind of deserves it. The end.


- There's an interesting choas vs. order storyline that feels pretty true to current events. On the one side you have a pre-existing system of governance in place and on the the other you have a completely unknown evolution of humanity that will probably spell doom for everything humanity ever was but may also be necessary and inevitable. Jason and Theo represent the two opposite forces within the establishment, while Margaret and human characters like Hassler and Pam (who think humanity should die out) represent revolution. It's a little on the nose, but still pretty unique for network television.

- Doctor Theo Yedlin MD is still the voice of reason and is slowly, finally starting to turn the other residents of Wayward Pines towards his more sane way of thinking. I don't know why it's so hard to convince people that humanity deserves to survive, but only if they can find a peaceful way of living within the new world order.


- Rebecca and Xander have gotten so boring. That their story has been reduced from complex creators of Wayward Pines to two crazy kids just trying to have a baby is baffling.

- We're still moving way too slowly, as though the ending was decided halfway through and now the creative team is just killing time. The abbies have been gathering for three episodes now. Is it a budget thing? Or is it that all three books this show is based on were used up in season one?


- Arlene is back in business! When there's a need for binoculars, Arlene offers up that she has a pair. For bird watching. She definitely doesn't stare at her neighbors. Oh, btw, nbd, her binoculars are in her bedroom. I didn't know Hitchock's classic, Rear Window, could be improved upon, but I guess anything can be made better with Arlene.

And that's it. Thankfully, with Margaret back among her fellow abbies, maybe we can finally see war break out. Genuine fingers crossed that Wayward Pines has been saving their pennies the last three episodes so we can see something spectacular for the finale.