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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

The Arrowverse has reached a point where it makes up about half of The CW's entire primetime schedule, and with so many hours to fill, the franchise has been able to experiment a bit within the genre — and no show has benefited more from that freedom than DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

The team-up series, which essentially turns a mix of misfit toys and D-list characters into a space-faring, time-traveling superhero team all its own, has featured everything from a gigantic stuffed animal fighting a demon, to some of the best homages to Back to the Future you'll find anywhere. It's also reinvented itself on a weekly basis, and that spirit of renewal continues in Season 4.

So what do we need to know — or remember — before Season 4 kicks off on October 22?


Season 3 found the Legends battling the extremely powerful demon Mallus, all using a collection of mystical totems that combine to form… a gigantic version of the stuffed animal Beebo, which does battle with the demon form of Mallus. It was as goofy and insane as you remember. The team also assembled a smattering of former allies to assist in the final fight, which served as a nice coda to all the side-missions that brought them to that climax.

With Mallus defeated, the Legends headed for a much-needed vacation, while Amaya returned to her own time in 1942 to resume her old life (but don't worry, she'll be back again). Of course, this isn't a show built for happy endings, so John Constantine crashes their beach party with a (literal) decapitated dragon head. Turns out that by opening up the rift to get rid of Mallus, they've let out a whole lot of creepy, mystical baddies that could be just as bad (or worse) than the OG demon.

As far as loose ends, former baddie Damien Dhark dies (for the last time?) in the finale to save his daughter, who becomes a tentative ally to the Legends (and possible love interest for Ray). When the season ends, she's still on the loose, though it sounds like she could show up in Season 4. Oh, and former team leader Rip Hunter also died at the end of Season 3, but he's died so many times it's hard to believe he might really be gone at this point.

Cue Season 4, with a new line-up and a whole new mission.


Constantine joins the team

As teased by that final scene in Season 3, Matt Ryan's John Constantine is set to be a series regular on Legends this season.

It's certainly been a long, strange journey for the Hellblazer. After his short-lived NBC series, a cameo on Arrow, and a few more cameos on Legends, Constantine is now a full-fledged member of the Arrowverse. Throwing Constantine onto the Waverider full-time should certainly shake up the dynamics, as there are few heroes who scream "Loner!" more than Constantine. Oh, and don't expect him to be too cheery. Showrunner Phil Klemmer says things have not gone well for Constantine in the five months between the end of Season 3 and the start of Season 4, telling The Hollywood Reporter he'll be "darker, more troubled, more mysterious."

Constantine, Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends are going full-on magical

The mission this year will have the Legends bouncing through time and space to capture magical "fugitives" released at the end of Season 3. Considering the objective, it makes sense why Constantine will be joining the crew. The set-up is also pitch perfect to give the Legends an excuse to keep jumping around through time to different eras, and now they get to chase all kinds of magical creatures through the past to boot. The show went deep into magic last season, and it seems the writers will only be doubling down on that angle this year.

Considering how wonderfully goofy this show can be, that will hopefully be a good thing.

Legends of Tomorrow

Team shake-ups: Amaya is back (but not); Kid Flash hits the road

One of the big casting additions in Season 3 saw Wally West, aka Kid Flash, join the crew for the back half of the season. Well, it seems that story will be short-lived. Wally left the show at the urging of actor Keiynan Lonsdale, who wanted to take a break from acting on the Arrowverse shows to explore other opportunities. But, he left the door open for a possible return down the line, so it's likely we could (eventually) see Wally again.

The Season 3 finale also seemed to write off the character of Amaya, who returned to her original time to resume her life. But, actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers will be back as a different character. Klemmer said she is one of the supernatural creatures released and being hunted, though she eventually joins the team. So does the creature possess Amaya? Or simply decide to wear her face for some reason? We don't know.

Legends Of Tomorrow Poster

There's a new kind of big bad

Instead of facing off with a giant demon or time traveling super being, the Legends will take on something a bit more granular this season: "Everyday evil and institutional evil."

Klemmer teased this year's big bad will be "looking at people who are good and take a turn for the sinister" on a more human level. He also said the Legends will be fractured this year in a way like we've never seen before as they battle against evil on a broad scale, as opposed to one singular baddie (seemingly).

Ramona Young

A new hero joins: Alaska Yu

It wouldn't be a new season of Legends without a brand new hero joining the ranks. This year, fans will get to meet the character of Alaska Yu, played by Ramona Young.

Her character is described as a "typical 20-something easily swept up by romantic notions and fantasy novels." She joins the team as an expert in the magical creatures the Legends are tracking down. It's no surprise the Legends will need a few more fantasy experts, and Alaska should make for an interesting counter-point to Constantine's dark and dreary take on the mystical.


The show is going from goofy to dark(er)

Nuance isn't an area where Legends of Tomorrow has excelled over the years, but that could be changing in Season 4.

Klemmer said the new season opened up the opportunity to debate some of the big questions about morality, framed around the wacky questions of, say, "Is it fair to put a Minotaur in a cage at the Time Bureau? None of these things exist, but we're asking if a Minotaur has a soul and conscience."

It's a fair point, and by trying to mess with forces that could predate humanity itself, the Legends start messing around with things they might not even have a right to change.

Arrowverse Batwoman

They’re sitting out the big crossover

It's become a tradition for the Arrowverse to feature a massive crossover each year, and in the past, the heroes have battled everything from aliens to doppelgänger Nazis from another universe. This year, some of DC's mightiest TV heroes are heading to Gotham City to meet the live-action Batwoman (played by Ruby Rose) ahead of an eventual (potential) Batwoman series.

Heroes from The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl (including Superman) will be there to save the multiverse — just don't expect the Legends to tag along for the big battle. For whatever reason, Legends didn't fit into the story they were looking to tell this year, so it will stay in its own corner of the Arrowverse this time around. But, who knows, maybe the Legends will get an invite again next year.

Legends of Tomorrow

Sara and Ava might finally get to be happy

A major arc last year had team leader Sara fall in love and enter into a (sometimes tumultuous) relationship with Ava, a clone from the future and leader of the current Time Bureau.

They've had their troubles in the past, but it sounds like the couple will actually get a bit of a happy ending moving forward. Ava is set to be a series regular this year, and all the footage we've seen of the new season shows the couple as strong as ever. After so much chaos, actually exploring a healthy relationship could be one of the most interesting stories yet for Legends.

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