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Everything you didn't know about Back to the Future Part II

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Nov 7, 2019, 12:00 PM EST

We have to go back! Back to the Future!

30 years ago, director Robert Zemeckis took fans to place where "we don't need roads." The original Back to the Future was a massive hit in 1985, but Back to the Future Part II took things even further in 1989. Viewers were transported to the then far-off year of 2015... which is now four years ago in real time. And we didn't even get flying cars or Jaws 19

In SYFY WIRE's latest episode of Everything You Didn't Know, we're diving into Back to the Future Part II. Do you remember the film's cruelest trick? Zemeckis appeared in a behind-the-scenes special and claimed that the hoverboards were real. This created all kinds of demand for the awesome device that Marty McFly used in the movie. It may have even paved the way for the hoverboard-adjacent gadgets that are currently in use today.

Back to the Future Part II innovated new techniques to allow actors to share the screen with themselves. Several characters, including Tom Wilson's Biff, actually interacted with each other in ways that hadn't been done before. Ironically, the film also changed the way actors are compensated when the studio tries to hide their absence. Crispin Glover didn't reprise his role as George McFly, and he sued when a replacement actor was fitted with prosthetics and blended in with footage of Glover. Fortunately, Glover didn't have an army of rats at his command. He had to wait until Willard for that!

This sequel was filmed back-to-back with Back to the Future Part III and paved the way for other franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Matrix to get their sequels shot back-to-back as well.

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