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Everything you didn't know about Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

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Oct 14, 2018, 3:57 PM EDT (Updated)

Do you like time travel, slugger? Do you like the rock & roll music, kiddo? How about cut-off shirts on men? You like that, too, tiger?

Well, you should, because those are three of the essential ingredients from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, a movie that boldly tells the story of two guys who don't know the first thing about history, talking about history.

You see, kids, once upon a time in a Circle K parking lot somewhere in The Valley, two very well-meaning would-be rock stars were befuddled by the dilemma that is passing their high school history final. As it happens, they will either pass or fail, their futures then committed to the permanently excellent or heinous, based upon a visual presentation.

And if a staged final makes no sense to you, please understand that it didn't really make sense in the 1980s when this movie was released either, but, like many time travel movies, let's just agree that at least it's less weird than a dude going back in time and discovering his mom wants to @#$! him. Right? Remember: Bill & Ted's > Back to the Future when it comes to non-incest plotlines.

Anyway, this is the stuff you know: Future George Carlin shows up in a phone booth (an invention that I'm sure will come back around any day now) with an offer: Travel in time, meet the world's most historical figures, pass your history exam, and save the world from mediocrity through surprisingly melodic cock rock.

Those are the basics -- but here is the master of everything you need to know about Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

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