Spider Man 3

Everything you didn't know about Sam Raimi's emo-tinged Spider-Man 3

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Jul 6, 2017, 10:45 PM EDT

With Spider-Man: Homecoming in theaters and pleasing critics left and right, we thought we'd take a minute to revisit an old Spidey flick that wasn't so well received, just to see how it's holding up. Say what you will about Sam Raimi's much-maligned Spider-Man 3, we're here to tell you: It's got some merits. Maybe even more so than the fact that back in 2007 it was the highest-grossing film in North America and made a bigger box-office dent than any other Spider-Man film to date.

So it's obviously not a failure. But there sure are a lot of questionable calls, which we get into in the video below. But while some overtly emo moments require pointing out, we're certainly not all about nitpicking. See, this video is about everything you didn't know about Spider-Man 3, which also includes many reasons to consider the film a success. Sony certainly did, as they greenlit a fourth Raimi Spiderverse film. Check out the vid to find out what happened, and then let us know where you stand on Raimi's last Spidey flick.