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WATCH: Everything you didn't know about Star Trek: Insurrection

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Dec 11, 2018, 7:50 PM EST

Star Trek: Insurrection was released wide in the United States of America on Dec. 11, 1998. It was the year of Armageddon, aka the year you don't want to close your eyes, you don't want to fall asleep, et cetera. It was the year Buffy had sex with Angel and then he became evil. And it was the year that a Windows operating system had a blue screen of death upon its debut.

So many exciting moments!

And for Michael Piller, who wrote both the script for Star Trek: Insurrection and kind of made Star Trek: The Next Generation the success that it still is today, it was the year of freedom.

Star Trek: Insurrection is not, let's say, remembered as one of the greats of the Star Trek film library. Some people might even place it dead last, even worse than that time Spock's stepbrother tried to find God while Kirk, Spock, and Bones sang "Row Your Boat."

Star Trek: The Final Frontier was able to blame a strike for its flaws, but what about Star Trek: Insurrection? What's the story there? And, more importantly, are there elements that maybe deserve a little more love than they've gotten over the last two decades?

Yes. Not to spoil the video, but, yeah, there's good stuff in Star Trek: Insurrection. And on that note, please enjoy everything there is to know, everything you may not have known, and certainly all the things you ought to know about Star Trek: Insurrection.