Everything you didn't know about Star Wars: A New Hope

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Dec 11, 2017, 7:10 PM EST

Believe it or not, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to finally make the jump to light speed and zoom straight into thousands of packed theaters beginning this Friday, Dec. 15.

That makes it the perfect occasion to renew our official geek membership cards and dive deep into some of the more obscure fun facts and weird trivia about the little movie that started it all back in 1977, Star Wars, to be known only later as Star Wars: A New Hope.

Whether you're a total Star Wars virgin or a seasoned veteran of the sci-fi saga, there's a treasure of knowledge to absorb about George Lucas' original outer-space adventure that ignited the imaginations of an entire planet and helped form the career paths of millions who were touched by its colorful galaxy of aliens, spaceships, blasters, evil villains, robots, and charismatic heroes.

Strap in and launch into our Force-fueled retrospective for Star Wars: A New Hope in the celebratory video above, then tell us if you feel sufficiently prepared to deflect any tough Star Wars trivia questions while waiting in line for Star Wars VIII this weekend.