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Everything you didn't know about Todd McFarlane's Spawn (the animated series)

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Oct 23, 2019, 6:15 PM EDT

Earlier this month, Todd McFarlane set a new record for the longest creator-owned comic book series with Spawn #301. McFarlane unleashed his creation in 1992, shortly after leaving Marvel and co-founding Image Comics. While the series remains a testament to McFarlane's drive, one of his significant achievements was the Spawn animated series. Unlike the cartoons based upon the other Image comic books, Spawn had a dark tone and TV-MA rating ... and was unlike anything else in American animation.

The latest installment of SYFY WIRE's Everything You Didn't Know is taking an extended look back at Todd McFarlane's Spawn. Sure, it's more commonly known as Spawn: The Animated Series among fans. But the official title of the series gave McFarlane top billing and allowed him to essentially fill the Crypt Keeper/Rod Serling role and film some creepy and enigmatic intros for each episode. Future Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman actually directed those live-action McFarlane intros. Small world!

Batman: The Animated Series was an obvious influence on Todd McFarlane's Spawn and the show even scooped up Batman composer, Shirley Walker. But for the voice of Spawn, HBO and McFarlane turned to Keith David, whose dulcet voice once gave life to Goliath on Disney's Gargoyles, which was also heavily inspired by Batman: The Animated Series!

Although Spawn only ran for 18 episodes across three seasons on HBO, its influence was immense. It's easily the best Spawn adaptation to date, but we still have high hopes for McFarlane's live-action film... which is hopefully coming soon.

For more details about Todd McFarlane's Spawn, check out the full video!