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Everything you should know about Metroid, the movie Brie Larson wants to make

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Nov 7, 2018, 6:00 PM EST

Metroid's Samus Aran is one of the biggest heroines in video games, and it turns out Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, would love to play her in a movie. 

Larson took to Instagram dressed as Zero Suit Samus, posing with a friend in Harry Potter garb for a very Halloween picture. 

Then, the actor took to Twitter to respond to a tweet inquiring as to whether Larson dressing up as the Metroid protagonist herself would be the closest we'd ever get to seeing a Metroid movie, to which Brie replied, "I hope not. I want to make that movie." 

Obviously, that set movie fans' hearts ablaze with anticipation. It's been 32 years since the original Metroid debuted on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and given heroine Samus Aran's status as one of the first female protagonists in the history of gaming, it's about time for a Metroid movie. We'd say so, at least. 

But what is Metroid? There's no doubt some of you are out there shaking your heads in confusion that the question needs asked at all; it's only one of the biggest Nintendo games of all time, and an enduring franchise helmed by a kickass intergalactic bounty hunter! Samus Aran is an icon when it comes to powerful women in gaming, so it makes total sense that someone like Brie Larson would want to make a movie based on the franchise happen — and quite frankly, we want her to do it, too. 

Metroid spans multiple games with different storylines on various platforms, but the most important thing to know is that it began life in the United States with a debut game that explored bounty hunter Samus Aran taking on a base full of space pirates on the planet Zebes. Except no one knew Samus was a woman at first — she was wearing a suit obscured by a helmet. 

The discovery that she was a woman at the end of the game when she takes her helmet off caused quite a stir among gamers, because at the time, female protagonists in games were a bit of a rarity. Tall, blonde, and powerful, Samus quickly became something of an icon in the gaming community and people wanted more of her. Nintendo delivered, thankfully, and now she's an important cornerstone of the company as a whole as well as its massive portfolio of games. 

But Samus herself has nothing to do with a "metroid," which is the title of the game series, named after small parasitic creatures that latch onto living beings and sap their life energy. The space pirates on the aforementioned planet Zebes want to use them to kill off anyone who might dare to oppose them as sort of biological weapon. You've probably seen one before — they look like small jellyfish with razor-sharp teeth. They'd be cute, if they weren't so, you know, deadly.

Leave it to Samus to infiltrate the space pirate base to eliminate Ridley, the space pirate commander, and even the Mother Brain that controls the pirates' defenses. She makes a hasty escape, but not before destroying the entire base. That's essentially the plot of the first Metroid game, but that's just about all you need for a movie. 

Failing that, games like the Metroid Prime Trilogy would be ripe for a movie adaptation, which originally debuted on the GameCube back in 2002, and finds Samus dealing with a strange new substance known as Phazon, as well as an alien race known as the Chozo. There's a serious amount of lore and backstory you can dig into when it comes to Metroid and its meaty story, most of which you can check out in our video explainer for the series. 

The costume Larson is actually wearing in the Instagram snap for Halloween isn't Samus' typical suit, though. She's normally seen clad in her Power Suit, which is a far cry from her Zero Suit. Her Power Suit is essentially a suit of armor that provides her with her Power Beam and Arm Cannon capabilities, designed by the aforementioned Chozo race. It also allows her to use a Morph Ball function to transform her body armor into a sphere that she can roll around in to get through tight spaces. Typically, the suit is orange, red, and yellow with neon green accents. 

The Zero Suit, however, is blue, with which Samus sports a blonde ponytail. The Zero Suit was first seen in Metroid: Zero Mission back on the Game Boy Advance. After fighting off Mother Brain (remember planet Zebes and the space pirates?) Samus is left with only her Zero Suit and no armor, as well as an Emergency Pistol. She's out of luck and clad in only this basic suit until she can snag the Legendary Power Suit, rife with new abilities. This is a typical look for Samus that many cosplayers love to adopt, and the fan community has taken to, especially as she's also in the Super Smash Bros. series like this. 

Sound like a movie you can't wait Brie to make? Yeah, we thought so. In the meantime, you can look forward to the newest release in the Metroid saga, Metroid Prime 4, when it finally lands on Switch. For now, let's hope Nintendo is a Brie Larson fan. 

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