Evil Dead doc tells us why Bruce Campbell finally embraced the remake

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Aug 6, 2013

Bruce Campbell was the holdout for new Evil Dead. So what changed his mind? 

Thanks to a 10-minute documentary, we're finally getting a little more of the story behind the Evil Dead remake. Most notably, we're hearing what original producer Bob Tapert wanted and why Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, finally came around on more Deadites.

It's cool to see the different attitudes that each of the original creators came in with. Not a big surprise that Sam Raimi would be into the plan, as he's always seemed to be the strongest proponent for more. To be honest, we were digging our heels in and gritting our teeth over the remake, so we were really happy to see the final product be exactly what it needed to be. Hearing  Fede Alvarez's interpretation directly from him definitely helps us understand why Sam, Bob and Bruce were willing to take the risk. Fede just gets it.

But most of all, Bruce Campbell is just bang on about his hesitation -- there is no one else who could play Ash. Crafting a role for a whole new kind of lead was just what Evil Dead needed. In fact, we think some other remakes should take a page from this playbook.

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