Evil doomcriers are back again

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Nov 22, 2007

BABloggee Colby Latocha told me that people are making YouTube videos about the Lucifer Project nonsense, ridiculosity about the Cassini space probe somehow igniting in a nuclear fireball and causing Saturn to turn into a star.

This is a bland repeat of the silly idea that the Galileo probe would turn Jupiter into a star -- Hoagland jumped on the idea, so you know it's gotta be garbage!

But this new stuff apparently has more legs than the older version. The YouTube videos are really bad about it. But it gets worse: this video is particularly galling. It says "The theory is that a constant radiation shower will hit the Earth lasting many weeks killing millions".

Shame on them.

I was going to simply link to my debunking of this nonsense but I have to say it again: shame on them. Seriously. Talking about this stuff as if it had any chance of happening, and then scaring people with claims of radiation and explosions. They are trying to make money by scaring people about made up crap, and that is the lowest of the low. I sometimes wish I could break my own swearing rule; that's how strongly I feel about this.

This Lucifer Project offal is just hogwash, yet people will promote it and no doubt really terrify other people who don't know the science well enough to understand this is baloney. Some people I have talked to tend to blame the victim, saying caveat emptor. There is a case to be made there; if these people who get bilked knew more science they'd know to avoid this kind of con. But that's not entirely fair. Some people never got a chance to understand the science, because our society downplays learning in general and science specifically. Others may simply be ignorant of the reality, or in fact they may simply not understand science. Maybe it's their fault, maybe it's not. But either way, that doesn't excuse the evil people promoting ideas like the Lucifer Project. These doomcriers should know better; it's not hard to find what I and others have written about it, debunking the nonsense thoroughly and completely. Yet they promote it anyway, and that makes them evil in my book.

So if you hear someone spouting off about this, send 'em my way. I'll show them what's what. This kind of garbage is precisely why I fight.

Shame on them.

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