Pinhead from Hellraiser: Judgement

Evil seeks evil in the new trailer for Hellraiser: Judgment

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Jan 9, 2018, 4:31 PM EST

Have you been missing Pinhead, everyone's favorite horror character with a head that looks like it was made out of one of those needle boxes from Spencer's Gifts? If you have, then you are in luck today. 

A new trailer for Hellraiser: Judgment has been released, and it marks the (count 'em) 10th film in the Hellraiser cinematic universe. The entire enterprise began in 1987, when Clive Barker directed the original Hellraiser. That film starred Doug Bradley as the instantly recognizable Pinhead, and Bradley went on to play the character in seven additional films. For this go-round, the character will be played by Paul T. Taylor.


Written and directed by Gary T. Tunncliffe, the film will feature three detectives who will gradually uncover the bloody and supernatural horror that the series is famous for. Randy Wayne, Rheagan Wallace, and Alexandra Harris will play the three detectives, and John Gulager (director of Feast and contestant and "star" of Project Greenlight Season 3) plays the "Assessor," who can be seen below:

Hellraiser Judgement Assessor (John Gulager)

Feeling curious enough to want to check this guy out on the big screen? Sadly, you're out of luck on that count — this film will bypass theaters completely and will be available only on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital beginning on Feb. 13.

Take a look at the full trailer and decide whether you'll be snuggling up with Pinhead and friends this Valentine's Day!