Evil Dead remake collides with original in awesome fan-made trailer

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Krystal Clark
Dec 17, 2012

A couple weeks ago, we got our first glimpse of the new Evil Dead. The revamp of Sam Raimi's classic has all the scares we'd expect, plus lots and lots of blood. One diehard fan put the film to the test. They re-edited the original, to fit the trailer of the remake. So how did it pan out?

The following video contains footage from Evil Dead and Evil Dead II, mashed with audio from the new film. Surprisingly, everything matches up pretty well. Several key scenes appear in both versions, including the bloody chainsaw and those aggressive trees.

Like its predecessor, the new Evil Dead centers on a group of 20-somethings who unknowingly unleash dormant demons. One by one, they're possessed until a sole survivor is left.

Evil Dead opens in theaters April 12.

What do you think of the trailer mashup? Is it a good fit?

(Badideaonline via Shocktillyoudrop)

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