Evil Dead remake used so much fake blood its star got sick for real

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Dec 17, 2012, 4:24 PM EST

You don't have to look much further than the leaked New York Comic-Con trailer to see that there's going to be a lot of blood in the upcoming Evil Dead remake. Apparently there may have been a little too much.

Actress Jane Levy, who stepped into the lead role in the reboot as character Mia, said the shoot was one of the most insane things she has ever experienced. Turns out there was so much fake blood being tossed around, it actually make her physically ill.

She told MTV:

"I think it's going to be worse than an R. There's a lot of blood. There's so much blood that the blood got stuck in my ear and I had a terrible ear infection when I was there and couldn't hear for three weeks. This is really gross, but, I cleaned my ear three weeks ago -- and I clean my ears every week -- but there's still, and I'm not even kidding, there's still red coming out of my ears. That's not a joke. It's really kind of scary."
Honestly, it's not much of a surprise. Original director Sam Raimi had a penchant for throwing buckets of blood around, and newcomer Fede Alvarez looks to keep that trend alive.

But original-star-turned-producer Bruce Campbell says the fake blood isn't the only thing being tossed out in spades. Gore and terror will also be available in ample doses, and Campbell said he's anticipating some pushback from the ratings agencies once this thing is finished:

"We're going to have ratings problems out the butt. We have a screening coming up later this month, and I'm like, 'Good luck, Chuck!'"
What do you think? Can the latest deadite battle live up to the bar set by the original?

(Via MTV)

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