Evolution versus Creationism: Astronomy edition

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Jun 26, 2007

With the recent hullaballoo over my foray, once again, into showing how ridiculous young-Earth creationism is, and the sheer flood of comments from people who have completely and utterly missed the point of what I wrote, I thought it would be fun to hand out a little more smackdown.

This time, I have help! It's from Shane Killian, a fellow skeptic who has posted some YouTube videos about various and sundry aspects of twisting reality. He's done an excellent job of debunking creationism in his series called "Bogosity". In Part 2, he takes on creationism versus real astronomy. Full disclosure: he has some help in this part by someone you may recognize (hint: look at the very upper right part of this blog page).

And I suppose to avoid a bunch of comments from people who still don't get it: in these posts (and in this video) I am not attacking religion in general or even Christianity specifically. I am attacking creationism, because it's wrong, and because so many of its propagators are liars, and so many of them are very, very eager to tear down the separation between Church and State.

Got it? Great! Now watch us destroy creationism. Enjoy.

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